2011May 19

All of our previous codes have expired.  Stay tuned for more in the future! 



  • Jojodobler

    Go to the cave and click on the apple in the tree!

  • Kattie

    The iPhone move works and the North Pole sign works. Don’t bother with the others.

  • Luholler


  • Charming122101

    Here’s a code for the beach towel: S93CBS44BWW7

  • Bambidog237

    WHAT……. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bambidog237

    I am giveing away an account for bearville……….. Bella2hip12289
    password: kjhcah4

  • Laurenzoom605

    i really would like some new codes because none of them work :)

  • roman

    how can i get a cabin with a ticket

  • lola

    Do the really work???

  • ashley

    i read the hunger games in my opinion they are the best book ever

    • Natalie4leafclover


      • guest

        i need a code for a bear
        can u plz give my one please please please

    • I<3JoshHutcherson

      the hunger games aren’t good. they’re GREAT:D

    • Angel Tiffany

      they’re kinda tragedic but otherwise ya

  • Skypianoplayer8

    need more codes!!!!!

  • Fortuga

    hey i have a code

  • zoe bee loved

    Does anyone have a workable Id and code for Brittany of Alvin and the Chipmunks bear? I lost her birth certificate and am unable to register her on Bearville. Thank you

    • Charming122101

      you can take it back to build a bear or call their 1800 # and they’ll be able to print you a new one.

  • gaby

    At the Noth Pole I sall the Ellfs!

  • falcolovesme111


  • LINA


  • Laurenzoom605

    i have o code that really WORKS and it gives you a pair of blue and green flippers and here is the code so yeah here you go

    code: pv7m-dft8-3fp6

    hope it works for you because it work so yeah good

    your friend,
    Lauren (or laurenzoom605

  • Ashleefreckles08

    why this wont work


    post more code that HAVE NOT expired people its really anoying to people when you say some of the codes have expired!!Why can’t you guys write down the ones that do work!!!

  • Himynameisbob

    hey! I fund that a lot of these codes are expired so could you please find some new ones?
    thanks that would be great because i have tried all of them and only one worked so it was a waste of time ( but I’m sure they were helpful when they worked) thanks

  • Yahoo

    plz can i have an animal and id code plz

  • eliaheart4

    do ya know any new codes?

  • Juppijuppoo

    dang i just want some cash

  • alexisleadranjohnson

    what are you doing today

  • Alyssa Florendo

    If you ever see CarmelaJellyBear1 add her as a friend because that’s me!! I need lots of BFF’s! Hurry before I exceed 200 friends!!

  • Naihenry

    where do you type the codes???

  • Angel

    I love these most of then are expired

  • Lopez Richard23

    o ….. m…..a…..n…..!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Smarties4Smarty

    This is beary goofy.

  • crystal

    Love it

  • Tamanding

    im new here but i like it

  • L Looser

    What is the rockin’ move code?????

  • Jjrose333

    i can’t beleieve this! no codes left! jaladiva56 and her bears are gonna be so mad!!!

  • MariaisHot

    i wanna earn muny!

  • Princesshuggybug

    Hey! I make bearville stories! If you are a girl and love bearville, email me at princesshuggybug@gmail.com and I’ll give you stories and bearville info. I know.

  • Kissme

    Hello. I am the unregistered administrater of BearvilleInsider and would like to tell you that there is a very important meeting where I would like people to wear their team shirt for camp and I ask everyone to have safe open chat. I am not going. But my close friend and her sister are going. Thank you. [The meeting is for my friend and all bearville members wirth safe open.] The meeting is held on July 15th 2012 at 3:00pm. The point of the meeting is to see all members get together and make friends.

    • madisen

      i wish i could make it


    I just tried the codes you had listed and these two worked for me.
    Thanks Jessi!

  • kittygirl

    I want to know where to get none expired cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • lovely

    love hope peace

  • Kidsdancer387

    i need vip

  • lolllipop

    i wish i had some friends on here someone pleeeeze respond to this

    • Bellagorilla


    • madisen

      i will be your friend!Im ty2hip1959

  • lolllipop

    anybody going to respond

  • Emmy

    I’ll accept more friends. I’m emilyawesome3007.

  • Emmy

    So, a few codes worked for me. Anybody have any newer codes?

  • Ja

    o man

  • Alexuswebb20

    it my money and i need it now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lgirl79

    I need codes so bad!!!!!

  • lgirl79

    NOTE: If you have a code from your receipt, enter it and you get store credits. :)

  • Emmy

    Anybody have any more codes? A few of the already posted codes worked for me, but does anyone know anymore?