2011May 19

All of our previous codes have expired.  Stay tuned for more in the future! 

  • tiffanysuperhero16

    help am lose may ferifreind?

  • Coosla

    pretty much every code has expired

  • Cleo

    yea about every code has expired

  • zoeyhappyheart2050

    they all expired!:{

  • CJTapDance10

    Here is a test about me to prove you are tiffanysuperhero16. . .

    What ferifriend do i have?
    Who is you boyfriend?
    Where were you when you met me?

    Give me a response to each question .

  • Larrykeown


  • Unknown

    ok look if you people don’t put unexpired codes here i will puton my blog that nobody should ever come to this website ever again because EVERYTHING has expired and the idiots that made website will never again put anything working ever again…. BE WARNED

  • CJTapDance10

    Sorry but that seems a little too intence. Why not add codes your self? I added a couple on this page.Who ever you are, you could get in big trouble…

  • miniboo

    can someone please give me new codes

  • Desperate4472

    man hurry up and put NEW codes, THAT ACTUALLY WORK!!!:( Im so sick of buildabear tellinq me they dont work!!!>:(

  • faithful girl

    stop putting up expired codes please

    • abbey44

      yeah thats right

  • abbey44

    stop putting up expired codes please

  • jem11101

    hi do you know when any more codes are coming :-)

  • ??????????

    boring why do you have a codes page if theres no codes

  • luckyclover2273

    missyfriy is wrong you “can” tipe on bearville

  • luckyclover2273

    oh may i say I HAVE A SLOW COMPUTER

  • froggie girl

    this does not work people don’t bother putting it there it is a waist of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • caralinebearycool14

    like when r the new ones coming?

  • chad

    i like my teddy bear mines the celebration teddy

  • lalacool

    do anyone have codes for 2012?? I REALLY NEED IT!!
    please anyone?

  • tammy

    sunshine shoeres

  • tammy


  • lolylolhaha

    can i have reciept codes :D DD



  • vanessawishes157

    wat is there more codes

  • Emily

    The following worked for me 2012:

    iPhone move : 223H-WWK3-PC42
    Throwing Toy Bear Move : DK45-82MC-66SS
    North Pole Sign : 2Y23-7DZ6-3K47

    and extras:

    Camera Move : J58H-6MLZ-LNZW
    Yo-Yo Move : YOUR-FREE-GIFT

    I hope the codes work ! :) GOOD LUCK

    Please if you have any codes help me !
    – GabriellaHappyHeart187

    • Emily

      STILL works for me 2013

      • Emily

        There is also
        Bearville Emotion:hh334b8dd738

        • Emily

          Also there is
          Halloween Emotion:ZZ7K-9P9F-269R

          Fuzzy Brown Boots:PKJP-7NMD-9G6Z

          • Emily

            Iphone move doesnt work anymore :( but the rest do

  • Bob Juarez

    what ? i need codes for September 2012!!!!! all these codes are expired !!!!!

  • Drizzy ~ ♥

    THIS SUX . all these codes don’t work . . .

  • awesome sauce

    the 3 that worked are the i phone move the throwing bear toy move and the north pole sign

  • megan

    you need to add some bears

  • mary4leafclover1151

    thanks for the codes

  • yom

    halloween emotion work’s the code is ZZ7K-9P9F-269R

  • nena

    love bearville

  • mary4leafclover1151


  • lily2hip6175

    cool barvill

  • i have mario kart wii

    none of them are expired!

  • hrejtgjbrybjae

    hey ppl i went to build-a-bear yesterday and with my purchase they gave me a catalog and it had a code in it 4 brown fuzzy boots here is the code-


  • hrejtgjbrybjae

    hope u like it

  • adadhklkj

    i love your big fat mouth!

  • Vanessa

    when are there going to be more?

  • ytgwuk3eksjgwuhj

    ahem.. i gave one the boot one

  • nicolette cinamon5

    hi wanna be my friend!

  • Hihi

    All Expired Awwwww ^-^

  • paolabee37

    has anybody read mockingjay by suzanne

  • paolabee37

    how can you put a picture on your icon

  • paolabee37

    has anybody heard that big tex burned on flames

  • paolabee37

    is anybody here rachelluv11s friend on bearville

  • jamieobeary45

    I’m jamieobeary45!!!!!!!!! friend me! :D

  • zaynab

    i know right they have an ego