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Conversation Between irmanoo and kodocha8
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  1. kodocha8
    07-06-2012 10:44 PM
    Irmanoo! AND I'VE FINALLY COME BACK ON! ;o ;
    i hope you come back soon! Maybe then again we could start chatting ; n ;
  2. irmanoo
    08-20-2011 10:10 PM
    hey sorry i didn't reply i got lazy then i forgot xD

    i shall reply to all of it tomorrow :3
  3. kodocha8
    08-01-2011 04:20 PM
    oh yeah,i do that a lot 8U;; XD i get lazy,and i forget to reply lol.

    OKAI,i will watch it soon,although i'm probably gonna be jam packed with homework :O so i'll just wait till the weekend comes LOLOL.
    yuuss,very weird name LOL, kodocha on the anime is a children show which sana (the main character) acts in

    yeah,i could google et LOLOL,i might Also watch it on the week end :O maybe the manga is funnier,but i think the anime is going to be funnier cuz its like,you know,with voices LOL.
    yeah,i finished Tutu a while ago :O well i won't say anything about the ending to you XD actually,like,i accidentally come across them while searching the anime or sunthing >8U //spazzes//

    OH YUS,i need a new one 8U i spilled chicken soup all over et about 3 months ago and the keys get jammed sometimes D;
  4. irmanoo
    07-31-2011 08:39 PM
    it is (: or you can just search google for it xD
    lovelly complex was just too funny!! i bet the manga is even funnier! xD
    I shall then haha, its on my list of anime to watch 8D hey i've heard of princess tutu!
    its also on my list
    i never EVER spoil episodes for me xD if i do, i;ll hate myself. 8D

  5. irmanoo
    07-31-2011 08:36 PM
    oh lawdy xD thats why i took long to reply 8D i got lazy then forgot :0

    good xD
    DITTO! specially when it comes to GUYS xD
    good! i love it (:

    Awww! i will foreva' luvs ya' too! xD
    that just confused me xD
    and i finished Love com, it touched my heart. xD
    WATCH IT! >: D
    NURIFDS? weird name xD

    grrr, asterisks 8D
  6. kodocha8
    07-23-2011 02:17 AM
    Part 2 8D

    i hope its out on youtube or something so i can see the movie soon 8U <3 LOL,the manga was funny too XD,some parts where the characters where drawn was just TOO FUNNY LOL,made me wanna burst out laughing XD YEESS,i'll lurv you some more if you watch the anime Kimi Ni Todoke *U* i'm also watching Princess Tutu. its rather interesting :O but i heard the ending wasn't a very good one (as in it was a horrible ending,it shouldn't have ended that like) Y^Y i accidentally read spoilers ಥдಥ

    LOL,i've had the computer since 2007 something like that...and its a sony viao. XD
  7. kodocha8
    07-23-2011 02:17 AM
    Part 1 of comment (my comment was too long ; u

    yes it also makes me feel good XD
    i'm not very social e Ue;; i'm like totally quiet during class,and i'm only outgoing if i'm really good friends with them
    OHOHO,i'll be checking that club out soon *U*

    YAY! ; U ; <3 i will forevah lurv joo XD;
    YES,IT NEEDED ANOTHER BOOK ;O; although there was a cross between one other book the same mangaka made with Kodomo No Omocha,but you'll have to find out about after you read all of the manga XD;
    JRIGGRDIO ;U; i'll be watching the anime soon :O LOL,yep,i just finished,NURIFDS,IT NEEDED MOAR ;A; </3
  8. irmanoo
    07-22-2011 09:13 PM
    Me too thats why i love getting on here it makes me feel good(:
    IKR ME TOO why cant i learn to be social?! TT^TT
    Well hehe i taught myself not to alwaystalk about those things xD
    butttt there's a K-pop club and i think you'll love it (;

    I'll read it when im done with Barajou no kiss xD
    Yeah just save so i dont hurt my head from thinking cuz' you got me all confused and duff xD
    was it crying for another book?
    ZOEMG. IM WATCHING THE ANIME!! im about to finish it tonight!
    i cant believe you are reading it! Wait it's in my avvie Risa and Otani xD
    I heard the live action ***** but im still going to watch it because its still Love Com <33
    YUSS, WATCH THE ANIME, this anime had me laughing in TEARS i couldnt stop laughing! xD Kimi Ni Todoke? Thats the anime im going to watch soon
    Yuss it's awesome<33333
  9. kodocha8
    07-21-2011 04:35 PM
    lol,i'm also shy in real eOe; </3
    i don't like it that i'm shy ; U; why do i have to be shy?! ಥдಥ
    yeah true,i usually only talk about those things.. ; O;

    yeah,you should OUOb i really reccomend it XD,oh there was a reason,but i still can't believe it XD;; it'll sound confusing if you haven't read it XDD
    well as for the ending,it seemed a bit uncompleted Y^Y i mean i LOVED the ending,but at the same time meh D; oh,and i'm reading Lovely Complex :O i'm actually almost done with it 8U i'm on volume 11 ;O; </3 its actually pretty good <3 i might watch the live action movie and anime soon along with the live action movie of Kimi Ni Todoke *O* i just love that manga XD OHOHO,i might start reading Barajou No Kiss soon then <333
    hm yeah,but the frame of my computer,a part of it came off LOLOL,and the screen sways back and forth if i don't keep it in a certain position 8U but i don't care as long as it works XD
  10. irmanoo
    07-20-2011 08:17 PM
    It's has its up and downs xD
    she is (:
    i do that in person not on the internet xD
    Well fer me I love all those but i know what to talk about to certain people who dont like it xD
    i guess

    Awww, it sounds good, i might read it aha xD and fjoirsdf? i dont why they would do that...xD
    Was the ending good? and really? I have too many xD
    mhm(: GOOD!! it's too good!
    Well you got a computer which is better xD
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