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Conversation Between tweety and AngelBlossom
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  1. AngelBlossom
    10-26-2017 07:59 AM
    Anne!! Oh my gosh long time no talk!! I don't plan on getting back here anymore, and I know this is totally against the rules (which would probably get this acc banned) but I just thought it'd be really nice to keep in contact with you, even if it was just on Instagram, or whatever medium really. My IG handle is @daphnebcruz. I really hope we can keep in touch! Missed you heaps!!
  2. tweety
    03-27-2015 02:17 AM
    Yes, I was working at a law firm just two weeks ago. New job pays more and gives me more hours and benefits. Its for a produce company so I do customer service.
    I have done all sorts of jobs, its hard to find specific jobs so its best to not be picky and learn with what you have.
    That is stressful but you are so close to being done. Just keep up the good work and relax a little.
    Unfortunately it is, I still can't believe it and am sad but there's nothing we can do. I'm going to miss it and all the people I met there dearly.
  3. AngelBlossom
    03-27-2015 12:25 AM
    Wow! You have a new job? What's it like? And I'm good! I've been trying to get work experience for the line of career I want to do. School's been hectic as usual, I'm close to doing my final exams which basically determines which university we get into, along with the row of assignments that are due this week, which is very stressful for everyone in my year, including me haha. I also heard Bearville was shutting down and a little part of me died. I missed talking to you and everyone on here.
  4. tweety
    03-25-2015 04:25 AM
    Hey! Yes I remember you, its been quite some time. I'm good getting used to my new job and you?
  5. AngelBlossom
    03-19-2015 11:14 PM
    Anne! You probably don't remember me, but, gosh it's been so long! The last time we talked, I think, was back in 2013. How are you?
  6. tweety
    08-25-2013 06:15 AM
    Thanks, and it was a nice one. Its great to hear form you, haven't seen you in forever.
  7. AngelBlossom
    08-25-2013 01:03 AM
    Hey Anne, I just wanted to say happy belated birthday! I really hope you had an amazing one. (:
  8. tweety
    01-06-2013 02:11 PM
    Thank you so much for stopping by.
    I hope you had a wonderful christmas and new year's.

    Sorry it took me so long to respond, I haven't spent a lot of time on here like before.
  9. AngelBlossom
    12-24-2012 10:51 AM
    Hi Anne, I just wanted to greet you a Merry Christmas, hope you have an amazing one! Im just spending time with my family and friends, we are having dinner and were opening are presents tonight! I miss you heaps, hope everything is going well! Big hugs talk to you soon! x
  10. AngelBlossom
    09-28-2012 12:48 AM
    I know I worked hard on those items, but what is the use of them when i am no longer playing as much. Deidre also even suggested that I should give you those items. I can trust you with all my items and I'm very sure about that decision. Its not that i don't like bearville anymore, its just that I could be doing other hobbies that i love to do, bearville is just keeping me distracted. But i mean i love bearville, who doesn't love it, i've been on bearville for forever.I'm really glad i got to know you and everyone in bearville.You guys have always been here for me, even more than my friends here in Australia ever did. Even if I haven't met all of you guys here in BI. I have all the pictures and screen shots of bearville so that i will always remember it, also that one time when we entered our halloween picture in bearville times, i still have that. And all other memories we all shared will be in my album. You've been a really great & amazing sister/friend.
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