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Conversation Between JoyceAutumn21 and SillyBandz
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  1. SillyBandz
    01-16-2012 09:09 PM
    Pretty much yes to all of themc;
  2. JoyceAutumn21
    01-16-2012 01:21 PM
    Hey, I see you're a WOWP Fan.
    Did you cry watchin' the last episode?
    Did you think the script was much funnier then the other eps?
    Were u satisfied with the results?

    xD Sorry, my way of starting a Convo with someone.
  3. JoyceAutumn21
    11-08-2011 07:00 PM
    VM me if u pick meh k?
  4. JoyceAutumn21
    11-08-2011 06:59 PM
    Your Username: Joyce Autumn 21
    What You'd Like To Be Called: iCandy or Candy.
    Why do you think you'd be a good sidekick?:
    1. Im a VERY good friend.
    2. I have a BILLION ideas ALWAYS in my mind running around.
    3. I can remember songs after hearing them one or sometimes twice.
    4. I like you.
    5. I LOVE Katy Perry, Sel G, Tay Swift etc.

    Why do you even want to apply?: Because I love helping ppl with MY ideas, and I get bored every 4-6 hours.
    How well do you know me?: Since yesterday xD
    What do you think of me (Be honest please.): I think your a really nice,amazing,beautiful friend
    Are you good at graphics?: I don't do graphics, though I CAN give ideas.
    Do you like horses?: YES! They're beautiful <3
    Comments?: I wouldn't want you 2 think me as a sidekick, more of a helpful friend
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