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How are the user stars determined?
The number of stars is determined by the number of posts:

10 - 99 posts:
100 - 499 posts:
500 - 999 posts:
1000 - 2499 posts:
2500 - 4999 posts:
5000+ posts:

How to add a signature image
Step 1 - Find the picture you want!
The picture can be one that you already have on your computer or one that has been generated by something like Glitterfly. Once you have decided on the image you want, you can save it to your computer (Red Option) or copy and paste the URL address (Blue Option)

Step 2 - Enter your UserCP
Just click this button at the top of the forum.

Step 3 - Go to the Edit Signature Area
Scroll down in your UserCP and about 3/4 of the way down, click on "Edit Signature"

Step 4 - Add the image to the forum (Image on your computer)
If you created the image yourself, or decided to download the image to your computer, then you'll want to click button #1 (Choose File) to select the image from your computer. Then, click button #2 (Upload) in order to upload the image from your computer to the forum.

Step 4 - Add the image to the forum (Copied Web Address for Image)
If you copied the address for the image from a signature generator or some other website, just paste it into the box circled in blue. Make sure that you don't use the [IMG] tags around the web address, it should look something like the address in the box below.

Step 5 - Insert the image
If you want to enter some text in your signature, type it in the editing window above where you just added your image information. Once you are done typing (or if you don't want to type anything), click the "Insert Signature Picture" link, circled below.

Step 6 - Preview your signature
Just to make sure it all looks like you want it to, click the "Preview Signature" link to test it all out.

This small section will show up above the text editing window. If you want to change things, just edit the words in the text edit window, or change the image by repeating the steps above.

Step 7 - One more click!
You're almost done. Now that you're happy with the way it looks in the preview window, just click "Save Signature" and you're all set!

How to Create a Screen Shot
PC: 1. Using the printscreen key in your keyboard, click to create the image you want. 2. Open Microsoft paint. 4. Click “edit” 5. Click “paste” 6. Crop the image, removing your ISP address and other personal information. 7. Paste it to a new document in paint 8. Upload the picture on photobucket, tinypic or imageshack 9. Import the link and post it. MAC: 1. Press the 'Shift' 'Command' and '4' buttons at the same time. 2. Move the curser to the part of the screen you want to take a pic of. 3. Press the mouse and move it to cover the area you want in the pic.. 4. Release the mouse and your pic will be saved to desktop. 5. Import the pic into photobucket, tinypic or imageshack.

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