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redinky 01-17-2013 05:31 PM

Hey, Look! Camp Build-A-Bear is Open! Yeah, it's Always Open at Bella and the Build-A-Bears! Campables Now Up!
Banner Coming Soon!

Welcome to the opening number something-or-other of Bella and the Build-A-Bears! Where you can find goofiness at any time of day! Or camping snakes, or insane small dragons, or frogs in leather jackets, or all that jazz! So come on in! We don't bite!

My Bear Family
Girls in pink, boys in blue.

1. SweetieBear the girl Pink Cuddles Teddy
2. Holly the girl Holly Moose
3. Flowerpool the girl McDonalds Mini Pawfect Pink Leopard
4. Percy the boy Fabulous Frog
5. April the girl Make-'n'-Play Fabulous Frog
6. Cassie the girl Peace and Hugs Bear
7. Millicent the girl Mint Chip Bear
8. Katerina the girl Keroppi
9. Katherine the girl Keroppi Tiny Klip
10. Chloe the girl Jr. CyBearGuide Bear
11. Holly Kiara the girl 2006 Hello Kitty
12. Kaida the girl smallfrys Enchanted Dragon
13. Emma the girl Fudge Puppy
14. Diana the girl smallfrys Autumn Hugs Bear
15. Ralph the boy Floppy Frog
16. Clover Angel the girl Happy Go Lucky Frog
17. Brooklyn the girl 2011 I Heart New York Bear
18. Xhiannon the girl McDonalds mini Friendship Frog
19. Kermit the boy Kermit
20. Samoa the girl Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Bear
21. Misa the girl Year of the Snake

I have previously posted my sisters' bears and my parents' bears as well, but the collections are too big now, so yeah. So now, we will discuss updates and more exciting muffin stuff.
Most Recent Update - Campables

Campables - (
Picture Story)
Thank you for clicking on our little thread! More is coming soon, but for now, enjoy!

Bella and all 21 Bears

redinky 01-26-2013 05:05 PM

Alright, since I really don't want this thread to close on me, I will post my new update! Hope everybear likes it!

Samoa the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Bear, Clover Angel the Happy Go Lucky Frog, Misa the Year of the Snake, and Piper the Year of the Ox (Guest Star)
"I'm bored," said Samoa.
"Well," I said, "if you're bored, go do something."

"I know!" she said, lifting her paw with excitement."I'll go camping!"

"Did someone say 'Camping'?" asked Clover Angel excitedly. "Can we come too?"
"If you wouldn't mind," added Piper quietly.

"Sure!" replied Samoa, "I have enough bedrolls for all of you! I even have an extra roll in case anyone else wants to come along!"

"This is going to be so much fun!" exclaimed Samoa.

"Can I come along too?" asked Misa, who had appeared out of nowhere as usual.

"Sure!" exclaimed Samoa. "You're lucky you made it in time. I have one more bedroll!"
"You guys should get going," I pointed out. "You don't have very long to get to your campsite."
"Okay," said Samoa, "Let's go!"

And off they went.

"Here we are!" Piper exclaimed. "Bella, can you put up the tent for us?"
"My pleasure," I replied.

So I did.

They set up their bedrolls...

...and went inside.

Soon, they fell asleep.But in their sleep, they all managed to say, "Bye, BI!"


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