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pinkteddy8844 10-19-2010 11:11 AM

Light Clan (Re-posted!)
Bobbie, an old co leader, was fired, so I am in search of a replacement! Everyone in Light Clan should be meeting October 23 in Silly Valley, Minnie's Melodyland, at 3:00 P.M. Toontown time. New members will be accepted there. Ranks and more jobs will be added soon. (Hopefully)

L: Love to Laugh
I: Interesting… very interesting…
G: Great friends
H: HYPER!!! :D
T: Trustworthy & Together
1.) Live up to the name.
2,) Be nice to other people in the clan. Don’t pick fights with other Sparks.
3.) No bad language, or you will be reported on Toontown and banned from Light Clan.
4.) Always help a Spark in need. No Sparks left behind!
5.) Get a doodle named Sparx, Sunshine, or Lightning. (You have some time on this one. Just name your doodle that when you get one.)
Important info:
Leader: Ashlynn
Dogmatic/Colonel Chester Hucklesplat
Millie Mae/Banana Split
District: Silly Valley
Home Playground: Minnie's Melodyland
Powers (Choose only one):
Water (Can create water, make water disappear, make it rain, make tidal waves, can control water)
Ice (Can freeze anything, make ice appear and disappear, can create snow)
Light (Can create fire, light, rainbows, lightning, and extreme heat, can make fire disappear)
Weather (Can create any weather, even candy rain!)
Earth (Can grow any plant, can bring plants back to life, can make plants appear and vanish)
Animal (Can talk to animals, can shape shift into any animal, animals will not attack someone with animal powers)
Air (Can create fog, mist, strong wind, and tornados, can fly, can vanish)
One Spark can give a little bit of their powers to another Spark temporarily.
Spy (Spies on people, gathers info for Light Clan)
Doctor (Creates medicine, helps Sparks when they are sick or hurt)
Guide (When Light Clan goes exploring, guides keep Sparks from getting lost)
How to Join:
Make a mouse, dog, bunny, duck, or cat toon. Any size or shape is fine. Make it yellow with MAYBE orange legs. Any clothes are fine, but red, yellow, pink, and orange work best. Use the word Light or Lights in the name, or name it Ashlynn’s _______. (Ex: Ashlynn's Warrior, Ashlynn's Light)
(The names Ashlynn's Warrior and Ashlynn's Light are not taken and may be used, and please ask here before using a name so I can make sure it is not already in use.)

L.I.G.H.T. Clan's map! (May be edited in the future!)

TaylorAllHeart245 10-23-2010 01:49 PM

I wanna join :D
I'm making a new toon now!
Can her name be Taylor's Light?
She will be a short yellow duck with pink-ish clothes

pinkteddy8844 10-23-2010 06:04 PM

Sure! Sounds great, Taylor! :D

Ok, I'm FINALLY on my way to the big paratay! :D

Toontown, please load for me!


Blah, the account I'm on has NO CHAT! Dx

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