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savanahcute25 02-01-2012 06:21 PM

Ice Cream Club! || Help us get to 75 members! || The tastiest treat to eat <3 || Join if you love ice cream, trivia, challenges, and lots of fun!
Welcome to the Ice Cream Club! If you love ice cream, trivia, challenges, and fun, this is the club for you! Owned by Savanah.
Post 1-Introduction, Rules, Ranks, and Form to Join.
Post 2- Weekly Stuff and Ice cream points!
Post 3- Members
Post 4- Ice Cream Points Shop (NOW OPEN!)
Post 5- Facts and History about Ice Cream
Post 6- Galleries and form to create your own.
Post 7- Ice cream icons for members to use!
Post 8- Ice Cream Inventions from an older challenge
Post 9- The Cookies Family's Adventures; Dr. Mint's Articles
1. Please be nice to other members.
2. Please only post appropriate things.
3. All BI rules apply here.
4. Please only join if you will try to be active.
5. Please stay on topic.
6. Don't spam
Snow Cone: Just Join
Vanilla: Make 5 posts in this club.
Mint: Post a picture of your favorite ice cream flavor.
Chocolate: Post this club link in your signature for at least 24 hours.
Cookie Dough: Make 15 posts in this club.
Cookies and Cream: Make 30 posts in this club
Strawberry: Make 50 posts in this club and earn 10 Ice Cream Points.
Orange: Make 100 posts in this club.
Chocolate Chip: Make 250 posts, earn 30 Ice Cream Points, and create a gallery.
Rainbow Sprinkles: Completed all of the above!

Owner: Reserved.

*In order to complete a specific rank, you must complete all the other ranks before it. Example- If I wanted to do the Chocolate rank, I would have to complete the Snow Cone, Vanilla, and Mint ranks first.*

BI Username:
Did you read the rules?
Favorite ice cream flavor:
Made by Sarahleo370. Thanks Sarah!

savanahcute25 02-01-2012 06:21 PM

Post 2.
+3 Ice cream points for correct answer, +1 for incorrect answer just for attempting.

What is Savanah's favorite ice cream flavor? (Hint: Check my posts on this club. I have mentioned my favorite flavor several times)

A. Vanilla soft serve ice cream
B. Cookies and Cream
C. Chocolate fudge
D. Mint chocolate chip
+5 Ice Cream points for doing the challenge.

Find at least 3 unique ice cream facts and share them with the club! Your facts will be posted in the Facts and History section on post #5!
From completing all the ranks to being a very active member, member of the week is awarded to members for many reasons. You just never know when you might be picked!

The second member of the week for the Ice Cream Club is ClarissaFashionFun! Congratulations, Clarissa!

Clarissa has been very active in this club, and she has been a great member. She has contributed to this club tremendously, and I really appreciate everything she has done for us!

Thanks Clarissa for being an active member of this club, and congrats! You deserve 10 Ice Cream points.

To everyone else, don't worry because YOU may be the next member of the week! (:

Here is the award you get for doing any of the above:
Credit for the idea goes to Gabbygirl88. Thanks Gabby!

You will get points for each Weekly Trivia Question or Weekly Challenge you complete, even if the answer is incorrect!

I will also give out points randomly to members who contribute to this club often by being active, posting pictures for the gallery, or posting facts for the history and facts section. You will also earn points for becoming member of the week. The amount you receive for that is a surprise! (:

So just remember, you never know when you might receive points and for what.

savanahcute25 02-01-2012 06:22 PM

Post 3.

Savanahcute25 (Savanah) : Owner
FayeTeddyBear (Faye) : Mint : 29 Ice Cream Points
ZeldaQueen (Rose) : Snow Cone : 13 Ice Cream Points
Sarahleo370 (Sarah) : RAINBOW SPRINKLES : 81 Ice Cream points
ashley4leafclover (I <3 icecream) : Vanilla : 10 Ice cream points
AshlynApril123 (Ashlyn) : Strawberry : 27 Ice Cream points
MadelyneCinnamon3 (Madelyne) : Snow Cone : 16 Ice Cream Point
GabbyGirl88 (Gabby) : Snow Cone : 10 ice cream points
Mellie : Vanilla : 21 Ice Cream Points
littlegirl287 (Kristen) : Cookie Dough :15 Ice Cream Points
ciara1616 (Ciara) : Snow Cone : 10 Ice Cream points
Caitytouchdown (Caity) : Snow Cone : 10 Ice Cream points
Abbyalohabear (Abblez) : Strawberry : 33 Ice Cream points
macyangel221 (Macy) : Vanilla : 10 Ice Cream points
Brendanbear110 (Brendan) : Vanilla :16 Ice Cream Points
ClarissaFashionFun (Clarissa) : Rainbow Sprinkles : 51 Ice Cream Points
Chickie1998210 (Rachel) : Snow Cone : 10 Ice Cream points
NickiNightingale4 (Nicki) : Chocolate : 26 Ice Cream Points
RowenaStar (Star) : Snow Cone : 20 Ice Cream Point
ashleyclearsky (AshleyRocks) : Strawberry : 35 Ice Cream Points
meamay18 (Mai/DCT doggie) : Vanilla : 21 Ice Cream Points
bettybeach13 (Victoria) : Snow Cone : 10 ice cream points
ShealeighLover (Maddy) : Snow Cone : 10 ice cream points
Jessicacub76 (Jessica) : Nurse Cocoa : 29 ice cream points
AllyAdorable (Ally) : Vanilla : 24 ice cream points
meagafire105 (Hannah) : Snow Cone : 10 ice cream points
Marshmallow.Unicorn (Gem) : Vanilla :13 ice cream points
MillieBlue2 (Blue) : Vanilla : 10 ice cream points
LindseyArtistBear10 (Lindsey) : Snow Cone : 10 ice cream points
sllhorsegirl (Sarah) : Vanilla : 13 ice cream points
AllyAllHeart101 (Maka) : Doctor Mint : 6 ice cream points
tacohannah (taco) : Snow Cone
NeonSmiley : ) (CranBerry) : Cookies and Cream: 18 ice cream points
dudlebug (Brie) : Vanilla : 1 Ice Cream point
XBOOX (kaitlincheer54) : Snow Cone
Emerald Brown110 (Emerald) : Snow Cone : 1 Ice Cream point
annaschull (Annachull) : Mint : 3 Ice Cream Points
Choco Devil (riliane) : Snow Cone
ChocoLuv (Choco) : Snow Cone : 3 Ice Cream Points
harryadventurous216 (Harry) : Snow Cone : 10 Ice Cream Points
Baileywaterfall76 (Water) : Chocolate : 9 Ice Cream Points
Alice2Hip509 (bulldog) : Mint : 1 ice cream point
Zoeadventurebear1052 (Zoe) : Chocolate : 21 ice cream points
AllyButterscotch28 (Al or Ally) : Snow Cone
KimberleyChocolate (Kim) : Snow Cone
HannahGlamourBear47 (Madisson) : Snow Cone
Irocker1021 (Juju Juice) : Snow Cone : 3 Ice Cream Points
carissa0819 (Cari) : Snow Cone
angieallheart92 (Angie) : Snow Cone
CathiBear21 (Camille) : Snow Cone
babvgirl (Vicy/Victoria) : Snow Cone
NadineAdventureBear38 (Nadine): Snow Cone
Magic12 (Amy) : Snow Cone
Jalynpink (Jalyn) : Cookie Dough : 8 Ice Cream Points
DuffyBringsLove (Duffy) : Snow Cone
Abby2hip57646 (Hassi) : Snow Cone
Annelise Nightingale (Night) : Snow Cone : 1 Ice cream point
norih: Cookie Dough
Paddingtona (Paddi or Alice) : Snow Cone
ashley4leafclover (Sky) : Snow Cone : 3 Ice Cream Points
BritneyBearHug271 (Pika Girl) : Snow Cone
PhineasandFerbFAN (Kaleigh) : Cookie Dough : 8 Ice Cream Points
Cutiegirl99 (Cutie) : Cookies and Cream : 8 Ice Cream Points
RainbowDash_ (RainbowDash) : Snow Cone
Princess Leia (Carissa) : Snow Cone
LizzieAsparagus (Lisa) : Snow Cone
HoneyBanana30 (Honey/Lil Turkey) : Snow Cone
milkqueen (Ashley) : Snow Cone
Mad's (Mad's) : Snow Cone

savanahcute25 02-01-2012 06:22 PM

Post 4.
Credit for the idea goes to Gabbygirl88. Thanks Gabby!

Here are some things you can purchase. Just fill out the form below:

1. Host your own ice cream game: 5 ice cream points

2. Make your own 'Join the Ice Cream Club Today' banner and have it show up on the first post: 5 ice cream points

3. Help me choose the member of the week (the first person to purchase this will be the helper for the first week, the 2nd person who signed up will be the helper for the 2nd week, etc): 5 ice cream points

Form to purchase:
Which item(s) you want to purchase (# 1,2,3, etc):

There are many more items to purchase coming soon so start earning those ice cream points and spending like crazy! (:

***HINT HINT: You can earn a few ice cream points by posting ideas of what you would like to see in the ice cream points shop.***

savanahcute25 02-01-2012 06:22 PM

Post 5.

Some ice cream facts!
The 98% of USA households purchase ice cream.
Ice cream is a dairy product made of milk and cream.
Vanilla is the most popular flavour, followed by chocolate.
The first frozen dessert was given to Emperor Nero of Rome.


Ice cream was first created sometime in the 4th century B.C.


In the Persian Empire, people would pour grape-juice concentrate over snow, in a bowl, and eat this as a treat, especially when the weather was hot. Snow would either be saved in the cool-keeping underground chambers known as "yakhchal", or taken from snowfall that remained at the top of mountains by the summer capital - Hagmatana, Ecbatana or Hamedan of today. In 400 BC, the Persians went further and invented a special chilled food, made of rose water and vermicelli, which was served to royalty during summers.[3] The ice was mixed with saffron, fruits, and various other flavours.
Ancient civilizations have served ice for cold foods for thousands of years. The BBC reports that a frozen mixture of milk and rice was used in China around 200 BC.[4] The Roman Emperor Nero (37–68) had ice brought from the mountains and combined it with fruit toppings. These were some early chilled delicacies.[5]

Did you know in Rome Italy Ice cream is called Gelato?

the biggest ice cream sundae in history was made in edmonton, alberta, canada, in 1988, and weighed in at over 24 tons.
it takes 12 lbs. of milk to make just one gallon of ice cream.
it takes an average of 50 licks to polish off a single-scoop ice cream cone.


July is National Ice Cream Month in the USA!
There is such thing as bacon, cucumber, tomato, hot chilli and french toast ice cream!
In America, the favourite flavour is vanilla, and the favourite topping is chocolate syrup!


Facts about ice cream
Legend has it that the Roman emperor Nero used to send his slaves scurrying to the mountains to collect snow and ice to make flavored ices, the precursors to ice cream, in the first century.

Immigrants at Ellis Island were served vanilla ice cream as part of their Welcome to America meal.

One of the major ingredients in ice cream is air. Without it, the stuff would be as hard as a rock.


Ice cream fun facts:
Info came from Wikipedia

-Mrs. Marshall's Cookery Book (published in 1888) promoted using cones to serve ice cream in.
-Agnes Marshall helped popularize ice cream, and she patented an ice cream maker and was the first person who suggested using gases that were liquefied to freeze ice cream. She got the idea after seeing a demonstration at the Royal Institution.
-It is said that the ice cream cones' popularity grew during the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904. Legend has it that an ice cream vendor ran out of cardboard dishes he was using to serve ice cream in, and he bought waffles from a Syrian waffle booth. He rolled the waffles up and served the ice cream in them.


Ice Cream Facts-

~ California produces the most ice cream in the U.S.
~ The U.S. produces the most ice cream in the world.
~ Ice cream is an $11 billion retail industry.
~ It takes about 50 licks to finish one scoop of ice cream.
~ Americans consume an average 48 pints of ice cream per person, per year.
~ Ice cream is good for you. Its base ingredient is milk, which is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals.

The Big Scoop Book
Make Ice Cream
Ice Cream Freaks


savanahcute25 02-01-2012 06:23 PM

Post 6.
Sarah's Gallery

Sarah's Gallery 2- Stamps and Stickers

Mellie's Gallery

Ashley's Gallery

Clarissa's Gallery

Sky's Gallery

If you want to create your own gallery, fill out the form below.
1. No rude comments about other peoples gallery.
2. All pictures in your gallery must be ice cream related.
3. Post your gallery in a post, and VM me the link so I can add it to this page. You will be able to edit the gallery whenever you want.
Have you read all the rules?
If so, create a new post and post your pictures. You may edit that post and add new pictures. Then, let me know by VM that you have created your gallery in a post.

savanahcute25 02-01-2012 06:24 PM

Post 7.
Here are icons made my members/found by members that club members can use. PERSONAL HOMEMADE ICONS ONLY FOR CLUB MEMBERS!

Icons made by Savanah-

Icons Abby made-

Icons Sarah made-


Signatures by Sarah-

(If you want more signatures, just ask me and I'll post them. They won't all fit because I have over 20 images in this post)


savanahcute25 02-01-2012 06:26 PM

Post 8.

There was an older challenge where you had to invent your own ice cream flavor, and I thought I would make a section to post the creative inventions in to share with others!

Sarah's Invention

Kristen's Invention

Mellie's Invention

Faye's Invention

Ashlyn's Invention

Ashley's Invention

Harry's Invention

savanahcute25 02-01-2012 07:47 PM

Post 9.

These are amazing short stories written by Sarah! I highly suggest you read them. xD

Ice Cream Inventor 3000

The Snow Cone Adventure

The Summer Specialty

A Case of the Icecream Blues

The Dancing Cherry

Queen of Ice

A Universal Malt

If you would like to send in a question to Dr. Mint, please fill out this form:


You may even see your question answered in Dr. Mint's next weekly article!

FayeTeddyBear 02-01-2012 07:48 PM

BI Username: FayeTeddyBear
Nickname: Faye
Did you read the rules? Yes!
Favorite ice cream flavor: Ben and Jerry's Phish Food

Thanks! :)

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