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pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:45 PM

BI Value Guide for All BABV Items
We are working on updating and adding images - some of the most recent BABV items may not be in the guide - please do not VM me about it - we are aware and working on it.

This guide is searchable - use the 'Search This Thread' drop-down above the first post, and enter a keyword for an item you are looking for.

Its a work in progress, so items are being listed daily until it is complete.

Please note - this guide DOES contain trade values, however, there is still no trade-talk permitted outside the Trading Den.

The values in this guide should not be discussed in the open forum; the guide is here as a reference for all BI members.


Fountain Items
Pet Specific Items (PSIs)
Special Guest Items (Maxine, ChloeRocks, Miguel, etc.)
Holiday Items
Credit Items
Bear Bill Items
Party Rooms & Invites
Special Event Items (Camp Happy Heart)
Employee & Manager Items
Special Code Items (Gifts with Purchase/Donation)
Paws Fur Nature Prizes
8th of the Month Prizes
Universal Code Items
Misc. Items
On-Going Quests
Traveling Market
Furry Friend Quests and Giveaways
Other Give-aways

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:46 PM

Furtastic Fountain Item Values:

Currently available: up to 500

No longer available to 6 months: up to 1000

No longer available 6 months+: up to 3000*

*Items that have been retired the longest should be valued the highest.

Fountain Items:

July 2008

Bowling Pin Lamp, Piggy Bank, Carnival Poster, Roller Coaster Poster, Inflatable Couch, Inflatable Chair
Inflatable Fish, Inflatable Turtle, Inflatable Giraffe, Inflatable Cat, Inflatable Pencil, Red Furry Hat (returned Feb. 2009)
Hot Dog Hat (returned Sept. 2009), Head Bopper (returned Feb. 2009), Camoflauge Bandanna, Blue Visor, Flower Tote, Black&White Polka Dot Tote
Blue&Purple Polka Dot Tote, Wand, Candy Necklace, Rainbow Bracelet, Bling Necklace, Gem Necklace
Slap Bracelet, Funny Glasses (returned Sept. 2009), Rubber Chicken

August 2008

Peridot Pendant, Easter Island Statue, Monkey Statue, Flower Poster, 8 Rug, 8 Baseball Helmet
Walkie Talkie, Duck Web Feet, Napoleon Hat, Feather Cap, 8 Neon Sign, 8 Lamp
Hall Pass, Library Card, Pencil Holder, Dog Bone, 8 Necklace, 8 Shirt
Bib, Ketchup, Mustard, Picnic Basket, 8 Pretzel, 8 Sculpture

September 2008:

Maze Rug, Coonskin Hat, Sapphire Pendant, Martian Antennae, Mustache, Fright Wig, Night Cap (returned Feb. 2009), Aster Poster
Keytar, Sheriff's Badge, Dog Nose (returned Sept. 2009)
Cat Ears, Bugle, Big Cartoon Gloves, Manhole Cover, Sherlock Holmes Hat, Wig w/ Curlers, Monster Feet Slippers

October 2008:

Pumpkin BeanBag Chair, Pumpkin Tie, Autumn Wreath, Autumn Flag
Pumpkin Hat, Green Monster Feet, Gorilla Feet, Pizza Hat (returned Feb. 2009)
Spider Rug, Opal Pendant, Candy Corn Hat, Calendula Poster
Domino Mask, Egyptian Headdress, Mummy Sarcophagus, Beret (returned Feb. 2009)
Halloween Balloons

November 2008:

Fire Hydrant, Banjo, Oven Mitt, Derby Hat, Mum Poster, Apple Hat
Aviator Hat (returned Feb. 2009), Vintage Lamp, Engineer Hat, Snow Shovel, Snowflake Pendant, Pumpkin Pie Slice
Milkshake Mixer, Snowflake Pendant, Box of Doughnuts, Model Airplane

December 2008:

Ice Couch, Ornament Display, Silver Bell, Stocking Cap, Ice Bear Sculpture, Winter Lamp, Ice Chair, Blue Topaz Pendant
Holiday Bells, Snowman Cookie Jar, Kwanzaa Cap, Fruitcake, Narcissus Poster, Hot Chocolate, Snow Poster, Snowflake Cap, Mountains Poster

January 2009:

Bird Poster, Ski Poster, Chocolate Cake Slice, Fedora Hat, Eye Chart
Sled, Travel Mug, Apricot Poster, Wooden Shop, Cozy Slippers
Black Cat Cap, Garnet Pendant, Carnation Poster, Captain's Hat, Snow Shoes

February 2009:

Heart Bag, Heart Headband, Peace Headband, Head Bandage, George Washington Wig
King of Hearts Poster, Queen of Hearts Poster, Violet Poster, Amethyst Pendant
Returned from prior months - Fuzzy Hat, Head Bopper, Night Cap, Pizza Hat, Black Beret, Aviator Hat

March 2009:

Happy Birthday Sign, Modern Stripe Cake, Party Stripe Cake, Princess Stripe Cake, Chocolate Stripe Cake
Bear Head Birthday Hat, Cam Bandana, Fright Wig, Irish Hat, Aquamarine Pendant
Corned Beef & Cabbage, Bowl of Irish Potatoes, Daffodil Poster, Irish Setter Poster

April 2009:

Earth Poster, Ball & Glove Poster, Rabbit Painting, Violet Poster, Baseball Poster
Fruit Basket, Garden Bear, Gardening Gloves, Sunflower Hat, Diamond Pendant
Giant Pretzel, Spring Flower Wreath, Fuzzy Crocs

May 2009:

Rainbow Glasses, Mariachi Guitar, Rainbow Wig, Crayons, Aztec Vase
Rainbow Chair, Rainbow Rug, Painter's Palette, Rainbow Purse, Emerald Pendant
Salamander Wall Hanging, Lily of the Valley Poster, Sun & Moon Wall Hanging, Rainbow Wall Hanging

June 2009:

Rose Poster, Cheeseburger Hat, Palm Tree Hat, Pearl Pendant, Conch Shell
Iced Tea, Harmonica, Rocket Desk Lap, S'mores Treat, Alexendrite Pendant
Beach Rug, Beach Poster, Cabana, Sunscreen Bottle, Toasted Marshmallow, Best Friends Poster, Maxine's Poster

July 2009:

Larkspur Poster, Waterfall Poster, Pink Bow, Ruby Pendant
Camp Chair, Camp Cot, Camp Radio, Camp Lantern, Canteen
Safety Helmet, Life Preserver, Life Vest, Mosquito Hat, Sun Hat

August 2009:

<pending arranging items into 1 image>

September 2009:

Big Glasses, Dog Nose, Fall Leaves Hat, Flower Sapphire Bracelet, Football Glasses
Football Hat, Math Book, Science Book, 2 Dog Rug, Aster Plant
Dog Bone Rug, Dog Painting, Glass Bluebird, Leaf Chair, Round Dog Bone Rug

October 2009:

Black Cat Rug, Black Fright Wig, Clown Shoes, Clown Wig
Cosmos Bouquet, Goblin Ears, Halloween Tree Painting, Inflatable Lawn Ghost
Kooky Spooky Wig, Milk Jug, Opal Bracelet, Purple Cat Rug
Spider Hat, Trick or Treat Rug, Witch Glasses w/ Nose

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:47 PM

Pet Specific Item Values:

Currently Available PSIs/Open Certificate PSIs: 4000 - 6000

Ball Park Bear Hats: 6000-10000

Pet & Pet Item:

Some items will not be tradeable, like emoticons. They are listed for reference.

Please note: Any that say Open Certificate had one at the time, however, that may change at any time without notice.

Adorable Elephant: Explorer Pants, Shirt & Hat for Furry Friend (3 pcs.)
Alien: Helmet
Amur Leopard: Leopard Rug
Amur Tiger: Tiger Print Shopping Bag
Andean Bear:
Ankylosaurus: Dino Slippers
Apatosaurus, Blue: Blue Dino Bag
Apatosaurus, Pink: Pink Dino Bag
Asian Elephant: Elephant Ears Headband

Autumn Bear: Leaves Falling Emoticon
Autumn Hugs Bear: Coming August 14, 2009
Bactrian Camel: Red Fez Hat
Ballpark Bears: Fan Hand or Ball Chair or Glove Chair
Baseball Bunny: Baseball Plate & 3 Bases (4 pcs. total)
Beagle: Hunter's Jacket
Bearemy II: Bearemy Hat
Beaver: Log Chair
Big Hugs Teddy: Big Overstuffed Comfy Chair

Black Bear: Bear Claw Necklace
Black Lab: Paw Print Dog Bed
Black Labrador Retriever: Black Dog T-Shirt
Blue Cuddles Teddy: Blue Bow Tie
Boorific Ghost: Pumpkin Bag
Border Collie: Furry Puppy Emoticon
Boxer: Emoticon
Brachiosaurus: Egg Emoticon

Brown Sugar Puppy: Eye Patch
Brown Sugar Puppy, Cinnamon Puppy: Emoticon
Brown Sugar Puppy II: Brown Sugar Puppy Emoticon
Brown Sugar Puppy, Fudge: Emoticon
Brown Sugar Puppy, Huggable: Emoticon
Bull Dog:
Bunny Big Ears: Big Ears Headband
Camo Bear: Hat, T-Shirt, Pants (3 pcs.)
Champ III Bear: Jeans w/ Patches

Champ I Bear: Jeans w/ Patches
Chilly Cheeks Penguin: 3 Pc. Tuxedo (Shirt, pants, shoes)
Chimpanzee: Bunch of Bananas
Cinnamon Swirl Bunny: Cinnamon Bunny Hat
Clarice: Holly Leaf Collar
Clydesdale: Wall Horseshoes
Cool Kitty: Cat Tree
Coqui Frog: Puerto Rican Flag T-Shirt
Coyote: Coyote Tapis

Cuddly Hugs Teddy, Blue: Blue w/ White Polka Dots Bow Tie
Cuddly Hugs Teddy, Pink: Pink w/ White Polka Dots Hair Bow
Cuddly Lamb: Furry Boots
Curly Lamb: Lamb Top, Bottom, Hat and Shoes (4 pcs.)
Curly Fur Bear: Shaggy Carpet
Dachshund: Bone Dog Dish
Dilphaosaurus: Disco Ball Emoticon
Dimples Teddy: Teddy Covering Mouth Emoticon
***Dugout Dog: Fan Hands (not pictured)
Endless Hugs Teddy: Shirt, Pants (2 pcs.)

European Rabbit: Pointy Bunny Ears
Fennec Fox: Fox Cap
Flamingo: Flamingo Mask
Floppy Cow: Cowprint Bed
Floppy Moose: Antler Headband
Floppy Pony: Stick Pony Emoticon
Friendly Frog: Frog Catching Fly Emoticon
Furever Bear: Glasses, Neckerchief, Hat (3 pcs.)
Gator: Alligator Tooth Pendant

Gem of a Friend: Adoring Amethyst Teddy: Large Purple Tiara
Gem of a Friend: Bearilliant Blue Teddy (Gem): Large Blue Tiara
Gem of a Friend: Precious Pink Teddy (Gem): Small Pink Tiara
Gem of a Friend: Topaz Teddy (Gem): Tiara w/ Gems
Giant Hearts Fur You Puppy: Bone and Heart Dog Tag Necklace
Giggly Piggy: Giggly Piggy Outfit
Golden Retriever: Rolled Up Newspaper
Gray Wolf (WWF): Coming August 28, 2009
Green Crocodile: Open Certificate
Grevy's Zebra: Zebra-Print Couch

***Grizzly Bear: Fishing Hat (not pictured)
Ground Hog: Ground Hog T-Shirt for you and Furry Friend (2 pcs.)
Hal Moose: Moose Antlers with Lights
Hannah Montana Bear: HM Stage
Happy Chick: Yellow Feather Rug
Happy Cub: Smiley Face T-Shirt
Happy Go Lucky Frog: Frog Hat
Hearts Fur You Pup: Paw Necklace
Hearts Fur You Teddy: Emoticon
Hello Kitty II: Hello Kitty Top Hat

High School Musical Bear: Megaphone T-Shirt
Hip Hippo: Tye-Dye Shirt
Holly Moose: Light Up Collar & Hair Bow (2 pcs.)
Hopeful Wishes Teddy I: Pink Cancer Ribbon Pendant
Hopeful Wishes Teddy II: Pink Cancer Ribbon Pendant
Hug Fur You Monkey: Pink Heart Monkey Pants, Shirt, Shoes, & Hat (4 pcs.)
Humbolt Pengiuin: Tuxedo (2 pcs. - White Cummerbund)
Husky: Eskimo Jacket
Jack Russel Terrier: Jack Russel Hat & Shirt (2 pcs.)

Jaguar: Central American Wall Medallion
***Jonas Dog: Emoticon (not pictured)
King Penguin: Tuxedo (2 pcs. - Red Cummerbund)
Kisses Fur You Bear: Heart Necklace
***Kooky Spooky Kitty: outfit (not pictured)
Kuddly Koala: Eucalyptus Potted Plant
Leopard: Emoticon
Lil Bunny Big Ears: Bunny Big Ears
Lil Buttercream Cub: Bean Bag Chair
Lil Caramel Cub: Candy Licking Emoticon
Lil Chocolate Cub: Ice Cream Top (choc. ice cream w/ whipped cream) and Cookie Hat (2 pcs.)

Lil Honey Cub: Tree Branch
Lil Milk Chocolate Cub: Chocolate Bed
Lil Sweet Cream Cub: Ice Cream Top (vanilla ice cream w/ choc. syrup) and Cherry Hat (2 pcs.)
Lion: Lion Mane & Tail (2 pcs.)
Lion: Jungle King Throne
Longhorn Cow: 10 Gallon Hat
Lovable Lobster: Anchor
Lucky Fur You Teddy: Shamrock Chair
Macaw Parrot: Hat

Magnificent Monkey: Banana Hammock
Maple Teddy: Furry Sofa
Mini Bearemy: Cap and Top (2 pcs.)
Mocha Bunny: Hot Chocolate Machine
New York Bear: Empire State Building Outfit (2 pcs.)
Nikki's Bear II: Nikki's Bed
Nikki's Bear III: Pink Wishbone Emoticon
North American River Otter: Pond
Orangutan: Leaves Chair

***Orca: Open Certificate (not pictured)
Ostrich: Ostrich Feather Hat
Owl: Glasses, Shirt (2 pcs.)
***Pachycephalosaurus: Volcano T-Shirt (not pictured)
Panda Bear: Bamboo Floor Mat
Parasaurolophus: Dino Bone T-Shirt
Patriotic Puppy (US): Shirt, Pants, Hat (3 pcs.)
Patriotic Puppy (Canada): Shirt, Pants, Hat (3 pcs.)
Pawfect Pink Leopard: Pink Leopard Newsboy Hat
Pawsome Panda: Panda T-Shirt

Pawsome Pink Bunny: Rainbow Bunny Ears
Pawsome Pony: Lasso Move
Peace & Hugs Bear: Peace Cap & T-Shirt (2 pcs.)
Puerto Rican Bear: Cap
Pink Cuddles Teddy: Pink Bow Tie
Pink Hearts Teddy: Pink Couch w/ Small Table (2 pcs.)
***Pink Kisses Fur You Teddy: Heart Locket (not pictured)
Play by Play Pup: Announcer's Desk
Playful Polar Bear: A Hole in the Ice
***Playful Puppy: Dog Cap with Ears (not pictured)
***Polar Bear 2009: Igloo/Ice Room (not pictured)
Portuguese Water Dog: Outfit w/ net (3 pcs.)

Pots o Luck Teddy: Clover Top Hat
Prairie Dog: Popping out of Ground Emoticon
Pretty Poodle: Vanity w/ Mirror
Pteradon: Nest w/ Eggs
Pudsey Bear: Dot Bandanna
Pug: Pug Emoticon
Pumpkin Fun Kitty: Halloween Kitty Top, Pants & Ears (3 pcs.)
Purrincess Kitty: Princess Crown
Read Teddy: Funky Reading Glasses

Red Kangaroo I & II: Trampoline
Rhino: Rhino Boots
Ring Tail Lemur: Lemur Emoticon
Rudolph: White Smiley/Snow Emoticon
Sassy Kitty: Purple Silk Pajamas
***Scottie Bear: Open Certificate (not pictured)
Scottie Dog: Kilt, Jacket and Hat (2 pcs.)
Scruffy Puppy: Furry Choice or same virtual pet and hat as playful puppy
Seal: Clapping Move
Shaggy Teddy: Emoticon

Shooting Stars Unicorn: Unicorn Hat & Wand (2 pcs.)
Snazzy Kitty: Gray Ears and Whiskers (2 pcs.)
Snow Leopard: Eskimo Hat w/ Flaps
Sparkly Snow Leopard: Ears and Tail (2 pcs.)
Spinosaurus: Prehistoric Art
Spirit of America Bear: US Flag
Spirit of Canada Bear: Canada Flag
Spring Bear: Emoticon
Spring Hugs Bear: Season of Hugs Shirt and Hat (2 pcs.)

Springtime Fun Bunny: Bunny-eared Sunglasses
Stegosaurus: Spiky Shoes
Sting Ray: Treasure Chest
Summer Bear: Sun Emoticon
Summer Hugs Bear: Rainbow Headband and Shirt (2 pcs.)
Sweet Hugs & Kisses Teddy: Blow Kisses Emoticon
T-Rex, Gold: Gold Shoes
T-Rex, Green: Skeleton T-Rex
T-Rex, Purple: Dino Chop & Grin Emoticon

Tabby Kitty: Kitty Mask
Tan Swirl Bunny: Bunny Tail
Ted the Tailor: Red & White Striped Vest
Toffee Teddy: Bowl of Caramel
Tortoise: Tortoise Foot Stool
Traveling Teddy: Suitcase
Tree Frog: Ficus Tree
Trekkin Turtle: Turtle Hat

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:48 PM

PSIs, continued:

Triceratops: Triceratops Mask
Tropical Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty Tiny Tee
Turkey - Turkey Balloon
Unicorn: Unicorn T-Shirt
Velociraptor: Velociraptor Eye Emoticon
Velvet Pup: Velvet Pants
Velvet Puppy: Hat, Jacket, Pants (3 pcs.)
Velvet Teddy: Velvet Jacket
Waggly Puppy: Brown Waggly Puppy Toque (Snow Cap)

Western Lowland Gorilla: Tribal Drum Set
Westie: Westie T-Shirt
White Fluffy Puppy: White Fluffy Bone Rug
White Tiger: Tiger in the Grass Emoticon
***Winnie the Pooh Bear: Open Certificate (not pictured)
Winter Bear: Santa Snow Emoticon
Wooly Mammoth:
WWF Cheetah: Explorer's Hat
WWF Zebra: Street Sign
Year of the Ox: Ox Wall Calendar

***Year of the Mouse: Open Certificate (not pictured)
Yellow Lab: Pup Shoveling Dirt on Self Emoticon
Zoo Hippopotamus: Hippo Yawning Emoticon

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:49 PM

Special Guest Item Values:

Currently available: up to 1500

No longer available to 6 months: up to 4000

No longer available 6 months+: up to 8000

Special Guest Items by Month:

This list is in progress and therefore incomplete. Some items will not be tradeable, like the moves and emoticons. They are listed for reference.

July 2008:
Maxine: Bear head flip flops/Slippers (returned Sept. 2009)
Chloe: Fireworks emotion and bunny hop move

August 2008:
Maxine: Heart glasses
Chloe: school pennant

September 2008:
Maxine: Bear head watch
Chloe: Book strap (returned August 2009)

October 2008:
Maxine:Bear paw visor

October 2008 (continued):
Chloe: Halloween flag

November 2008:
Maxine: Heart shaped tote
Chloe: Turkey hat

December 2008:
Maxine:Bear head director's chair
Chloe: elf hat

January 2009:
Maxine: 2009 shirt
Chloe: 2009 flag

February 2009:
Maxine: Bear head sneakers
Chloe: Love rocks flag
Chloe Show: Singing Move (David Arhuleta)

March 2009:
Maxine: Apple bag
Chloe:Apple notebook

April 2009:
Maxine: Gardening bag
Chloe: Gardening shovel

May 2009:
Maxine: Love hugs peace plant
Chloe: Piñata

June 2009:
Maxine: Bear head floaties
Chloe: Kickboard
Miguel: antifoam goggles

July 2009:
Maxine: Love hugs peace pennant
Chloe: Camp whistle

July 2009 (continued):
Miguel: Camp visor

August 2009:
Maxine: Stack of Books Headpiece
*Maxine also gave the old Chloe Book Strap*
Chloe: Peanut Butter Sandwich
Miguel: Green Apple

September 2009:
Maxine: emoticon
Chloe: reading move
Miguel: Recycle Poster

October 2009:
Maxine: Bear Mask
Chloe: Caramel Apple
Miguel: Apple Cider

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:50 PM

Holiday Item Values:

When these items are in the BABV Shops, please use the Credit and Bear Bill Values.

Retired/Seasonal Credit items: 4000 - 6000
Retired/Seasonal BB items: 2500 - 5000

Gift Items from Guests/Quests (listed in the Special Guests Gifts):

Currently available: up to 1500

No longer available to 6 months: up to 4000

No longer available 6 months+: up to 8000

Seasonal Items (Bear Bills):

Bee Outfit
Disco Outfit
Ghost Outfit
Hal Outfit
Hal Pajamas
Holly Outfit
Mrs. Claus Outfit
Pirate Outfit
Princess Outfit
Santa Claus Outfit
Witch Outfit
Wizard Outfit

Images of Most Seasonal Items

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:50 PM

Credit Item Values:

Credits: 2000 - 3000
Credit items: based on above and how many credits per item.

Retired Credit items: 6000 - 8000

Current Credit Items:

BVO Directory of Items

Retired Credit Items:

BVO Directory of Retired Items

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:52 PM

Bear Bill Item Values:

Currently Available: Valued at their price PLUS 100 bear bills

Retired/Seasonal BB items: 2500 - 5000

Current Items:

Directory of Pawlette Boutique Items

Retired Items:

Hannah Montana Snap Bracelet
Long Sleeve Shirt

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:53 PM


Can not be traded - No trade value.

Balloon Ride
Hamster Ball
Hover Board
In-Line Skates
Motorized Vehicle
Motorized Vehicle, Purple
Pogo Stick
Propeller Hat
Broom Stick

Images of Rides

pandyma618 07-24-2009 03:54 PM

Party Room Items and Invite Values:

For rooms that can be bought at the LumbearYard, use the BB Items Values.

Invitation - 10,000 - 12,000

Individual Items: (From Invite only, not available elsewhere)

Outfit (complete): 4,000 - 6,000
Special Move: Not trade-able

All Furniture from Party Room (invite only): 6000 - 8000

Party Perk Items: 2000 - 4000

Party Room Items and Party Perk Items:

Party Rooms Available in Lumbearyear:


*please note - the furniture comes with the Lumbearyard Rooms, but not the clothes or move. The furniture from the Lumbearyard Party Rooms exchanges at: 1000 - 2000

Party Rooms and Items Available with an Invite:

Beach Time Room: Hula Outfit (girls), Hawaiian Shirt & Pants (boys); Swim Move; Bamboo Torch (2), Paw Beach Chaise (lounge chair), Luau Room Party Table, Inflatable Palm Tree (2), 2 Bearrfiic Balloon Bouquet, 2 Beary Special Balloons, 2 Pawsome Party Balloons

Dance Party: Disco Top & Pants (boys), Red Disco Dress (girls); Disco Room Move; Disco Poster, Composition Tool and Turntable, Retro Chair, Disco Room Party Table, 2 Pawsome Party Balloons, 2 Beary Special Balloons, Bearrific Balloon

Fashion Show Room: Satin Evening Gown & Scarf (girls), White Tuxedo (boys); Fashion Move

Rock n Roll Room: Rocker Outfit & Wig; Air Guitar Move; Guitar Table, Guitar Lamp

Sporty Fun: Cheerleader Outfit (girls), Wave Move; Sports Room Party Table, Standing Punching Bag, Sport Net, Basketball Net, 2 Pawsome Party Balloons, 2 Bearrific Balloon Bouquet, 2 Bear Special Balloons

Zoo Room: Tiger Outfit (girls), Bear Outfit (boys); Roar Move

Party Perks Items:

Party Balloon Hat, Party Emoticon, Party Horn Move, Party T-Shirt

Girl Party Outfits:

Boys Outfits:

Themed Party Items:

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