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ZoeAngel9307 05-03-2014 10:00 PM

Questions about abbreviations
Hey guys! I'm new to both bearville and this site. I've seen some abbreviations that are used a lot. Like PSI, is the first one that comes to mind. What does that mean? Any other abbreviations that I should know that are used a lot on the site??? Thanks!!

NeonSmiley : ) 05-04-2014 04:28 AM

Hi! Welcome to the forum! :)

Psi means pet special item. It is the item you receive when you bring a bear to life online.

Here are a few more abbreviations that you might want to know about:

VM means visitor message. It is a message you can send on Bearville insider to other people. Example: 'I'll just send you a VM with the information!'

BI means Bearville Insider. It is pretty self-explanatory, lol. :)

BV means Bearville.

I hope I helped you.. If you have any more questions feel free to asks

BritneyBearHug791 05-04-2014 07:23 PM

PSI= Pet Special Item, those are items you can get when you bring a stuffed animal to life

More things that you will probably need to know:

VM= Visitor Message, those are messages from other users. You can VM someone when you become a Polar Bear.

Avvie= Avatar, A picture to the left of your username.

Siggie= A message or picture under your post.

BAB= Build-A-Bear

BV= Bearville

FayeTeddyBear 05-05-2014 08:32 AM

Welcome to the forum and Bearville : D

PSI - Pet Special Item (when you bring a bear online you get a prize, usually tradeable, known as a PSI)
BI - Bearville Insider
BV - Bearville
BABW - Build-a-Bear Workshop
VM - Visitor Message (on people's profiles)
Avvie - Avatar (picture displayed next to your name when you post)
Siggie - Signature (picture, or words under your post content)
TD - Trading Den (on this forum, talk about trading is not allowed unless you are a Trading Teddy and have access to the Trading Den)
EFT - Embroidered Flower Top (current Bearville Outfitters item)
BVO - Bearville Outfitters (store on Bearville where credits are used as currency)

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