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Jalynpink 03-23-2013 01:12 AM

Do you have or want a dreamcatcher? Do you believe they work? To the people who don't know what dreamcatchers are, they are Native American charms that you hang above your bed while you sleep to take away your bad dreams. Here are some pictures of them.

I have two dreamcatchers and I believe that they do work.

Irocker1021 03-23-2013 01:16 AM

I collect those (o:
I've always told myself they work, and telling myself that makes me sleep better at night. So yeah, they do work! Dream Catchers are pretty epic. I've made some before, too!

AliceDecember7 03-23-2013 04:44 AM

I bought a couple in Germany once just because I think they look pretty, I'm not really positive that they work though haha

GabbyGirl88 03-23-2013 08:38 AM

I have one, but it doesn't really work. xD

DuffyBringsLove 03-23-2013 08:44 AM

I had one, but I had this really awkward bed that I couldn't hang it on, and I made it, but binned it knowing that I couldn't use it. But three years later, when I have a new bed, I want one Dx

NeonSmiley : ) 03-23-2013 08:57 AM

I don't think I have one.

Pastel 03-23-2013 09:31 AM

I don't have one, but I might look into one, they look kinda cool.

Chéri3 03-23-2013 11:24 AM

I have a necklace with a tiny but detailed dreamcatcher charm, if that counts. Got it at a historical museum on the First Nations. I never really wore it to bed so I guess I have yet to try it out and see how it goes for the next few nights. :)

NeonSmiley : ) 03-23-2013 11:32 AM

Ooh, now Cheri metioned that, I do have a necklace imagine a oval with the rainbow threads connected to it from the outer oval to the inner oval I guess its just a necklace though idk

RoseLUVU 03-23-2013 11:33 AM

I think dream catchers look pretty cool, but nothing more. (:

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