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christmas 02-18-2011 11:16 AM

Badge Prizes List All Categories Part 1
Please note I am now going to spread this info out over multiple posts so that I am able to start adding more pictures of the prizes. Please don't forget to look at those posts too !

I really hope you all find this useful. I know I'm not first to post some of these but I'm starting to tie myself in knots dodging between all the different threads there are on all these different prizes so I thought I would try & make a guide. Obviously we don't know what all the prizes are yet so as you find out please post and if possible post a picture in jpeg format & I will try & make a couple of composite photo guides like I do for the fountain and add them to the main post at a later date.

If you post information please state clearly which category ( Arts, community etc ), Which Colour badge & what Level ( Bronze level 2, Gold Level 1, Silver level 1 etc ). If you just say level 2 in arts that could be broze , silver or gold level 2. Thank you.

I will update this post regularly as more prizes are discovered & also add photos later. If any of you want to post your jpegs of any new ones not written in yet it would be a great help. Hope you all find this post helpful to bring things together.

These are the best games to earn points fastest I have found so far :-

1.Arts and Crafts... Pawsome Painting, Bearific Drummers

2.Growth and Developement... Words Fur Birds on Easy or Fishing. Be a Teacher or Student for 25 Points. For Cybearguides only the colour slide game is great as you get 10 points per game wi or lose.

3.Fashion and Style... Juggling Fun Lesson don't be too good LOL !
...Shake Your Honey 20 Points Per Game

4.Community... Grow Lots of Plants Or Coffee Shop Shifts. Easy Level Pawsitively Green Recycling Game 5 points every time.

5.Recreation... Basketball Spin Lessos don't be too good ! or Fishing.

Fishing is good because for everything you catch you get 5 points. In bronze level 1 5 points is 1% in level 2 10 points is 1 % If it is fish it is recreation points & if it is rubbish it is growth & developement points.

The secret backgrounds are the hidden places like the roof of the coffee shop & Tree house. You get 25 points the first time you visit them.

Bringing Bears to life earns a whopping 150 Community points each

level 1 every 5pt=1%
level 2 every 10pt=1%

level 1 every 25pt=1%
level 2 every 50pt=1%

level 1 every 50pt=1%
level 2 every 100pt=1%

To see what badge & what percentage you are on Go to Cybearzone & click your badge icon. On the same page it shows your percentages the colour of the badges change in the display to show what level you are on.

My thanks to all who provided me with new information or ideas !
ShelbyPopstar44 For New Info
Babvcrazy (EmilyTreeHugger22) For Use Of Gifs, Images And Info ( A Huge Help )
PriscillaBallerina31 For Great Suggestion and Picture
LorenaLoveable11 For Use Of Gif
Beary Crazy Lady For New Information
BellaBallet205 ( Currently working hard on games to help me )
ChantelleFurshion For Image
Alpha For Image
TaylorAllHeart245 For Information
CourtneyBear121 For Image
AliceCoolGirl For Image
GraceAdventureBear64 For Info & Gif
ZachFootballer For Info & Image
Emmaloo42 For Info
RachelBallerina353 For Info
AJAdorable55013 For Gifs and New Info
Teddybeargirl For Information
LilFfutterby For Information
MeghamMusicLuvr28 For Information
Cheri3 For Info & Pictures
Curly For Info & Pictures

christmas 02-18-2011 11:23 AM

Arts & Crafts Badge
Arts & Crafts
Bronze Level 1..... Guitar Case with Stickers On
Bronze Level 2..... Flute Move
Silver Level 1....... Giant Paint Brush
Silver Level 2....... Easel Move
Gold Level 1..........Tuba Move
Gold Level 2..........Art Room For your Condo !

christmas 02-18-2011 11:53 AM

Growth And Developement Badge
Growth & Developement
Bronze Level 1...... Laptop
Bronze Level 2...... Laptop Move
Silver Level 1.........Interactive Desktop
Silver Level 2.........Scientist Move
Gold Level 1...........Growing Flower Move
Gold Level 2...........Library For Your Condo !

christmas 02-18-2011 03:13 PM

Fashion And Style Badge
Fashion & Style
Bronze Level 1..... Personalized Billboard
Bronze Level 2..... Break Dance Move
Silver Level 1....... Changed to Interactive Mirror (Was Ballet Flats For Bear)
Silver Level 2....... Red Carpet Move
Gold Level 1..........Mirror Move
Gold Level 2..........Bearhead Wardrobe access to Attic

christmas 02-18-2011 06:19 PM

Comunity Badge
Bronze Level 1......Interactive Magic Show
Bronze Level 2..... Magic Hat Move
Silver Level 1....... Wishing Well
Silver Level 2........Litter Picker Upper Move
Gold Level 1..........Bullhorn Cheering Move
Gold Level 2..........Food Cart Access To Pantry Storage

christmas 02-19-2011 09:37 AM

Recreation Badge
Bronze Level 1..... Flashing Cycle Helmet
Bronze Level 2..... Ball Dribbling Move
Silver Level 1....... Interactive Basketball Hoop
Silver Level 2........Hackey Sack Move
Gold Level 1..........Taz Move
Gold Level 2..........Fitness Room For Your Condo !

christmas 02-19-2011 02:27 PM

Daily Task Badge
Daily Task
Bronze Level 1..... Sun Lounger Chair
Bronze Level 2..... Interactive Wishing Well
Silver Level 1....... Garden Shed Storage
Silver Level 2........????
Gold Level 1..........????
Gold Level 2..........????

This Badge nobody has had time to complete yet. I will add the pictures to this post as we find out what the prizes are. If anybody is willing for me to use your pictures & would like to help me out here I would be very grateful of your assistance. I'm rubbish at the daily tasks & this might take me a very long time on my own. If I use your pictures I will of course credit you in my list of helpers. PLEASE HELP !

christmas 02-20-2011 05:53 AM

Gardening Badge
Bronze Level 1..... Candy Tree Seeds
Bronze Level 2..... Magical Seeds For Tree House If Got Already Then Cloud Bath
Silver Level 1....... Ice Tree Seeds
Silver Level 2........Cloud Bird Perch
Gold Level 1..........Spooky Tree Seeds
Gold Level 2..........Fairy Tree Seeds

It is unclear at this stage if the cloud furniture is going to continue to be random gifts from these seeds until after the 6th May has past. Although I have all the photos I need to complete this section now I will wait to assemble them until after the 6th May when we know what is happening long term.

christmas 02-20-2011 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by EmilyRockStar385 (Post 2641771)
What are secret backgrounds?

Secret Backgrounds are the hidden places around bearville like the tree house & the roof of the coffee shop. You get 25 points the first time you visit each of them :)


Originally Posted by cheer1226k (Post 2641851)
i have 45% in growth & development but i didnt get any badges much more do i need?

You need 100% of each level to achieve the prize in that level. This means that you need another 55% which on bronze level 1 is achiecved at a rate of 5 points per 1% so you need another 275 points & then you will be awarded your laptop prize :)

christmas 02-20-2011 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by Jadekaratebear7 (Post 2641660)
Its okay, btw is it like a bear room or is it totally different?


Originally Posted by SillyBandz (Post 2642305)
Is There A Pic Of The Room (Gold Prize) For The Arts And Crafts Badge?

It is currently glitched & those that have it can't get in so we don't know what it is like yet. I am well on the way to earning mine having done 50% of the top Gold level in arts so as soon as I am able I will give more info & put a picture up. So keep checking back on the main post for datails as soon as I have them. Thanks
Christmas ( HelenAllHeart54 ) :)

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