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josephinezoom2 09-20-2011 11:29 PM

(¯`∙ . . ∙ »sτaя suiτεs «., ¸ ¸ ,.¤¨¯ F a ℓ ℓ ε d i t i o и ¸·´¯`× Closed for the season~ Be back this Christmas! ¸·´¯`×

(¯`∙ . . ∙ » sτaя suiτεs F a ℓ ℓ ε d i t i o и

Open October 9-16 in the Waterfall Den under Josephinezoom2

(¯`∙ . . ∙ »Today's schedule
○Introduction in lobby
○Guests showed to their suites
○Guests are called to dinner
○Guests spend a relaxing evening in the spooky dance room in an animal based costume
○Guests are shown to the basement to watch The Lion King in 3D
○Guests go to their suite for night
○Hotel closes for night

(¯`∙ . . ∙ »Dinner Menu
○ Entrée: New England Clam Chowder with Garlic Bread
○Main course: Apple Cranberry Stuffed Pork Roast
○Desert: Pineapple Upside-down Cake
○ Beverages: Water or Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Visit sτaя suiτεs Summer.

Code of Conduct ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
• Be Polite
• Be Patient
• Be Respectful

Breaking these rules might result in warnings, and/or banning from the hotel.

B r o c h u r e «., ¸ ¸ ,.¤¨¯
Welcome to sτaя suiτεs F a ℓ ℓ ε d i t i o и ! In this brochure, you will find information about each room and suite sτaя suiτεs has to offer!
Dining Room/Restaurant

Backyard [image lost]
Heart room [Not available for Fall Edition]
Kooky Spooky Room/Halloween Dance Floor

What We Provide ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
•Friendly service
•Room service
•Formal Dining
•Activites and socializing events
•Relaxing Enviroment
•BABV information and guides
•Outdoor events

and much much more!

Job vacancies ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
•Front desk {Greats guests and answers any inquiries}
•Cleaners {Clean rooms after guests have left}
•Buffet Manager {Serves food and keeps track of guests, food, and kitchen}
•Waiters {Serve food in the dining room}
•Host {Hands menus and guides guests to tables in the dining room}
•Room Service {Brings what the guests asked them to}
•Bellman {Takes guests luggage up to their room}
•Entertainer {Entertains guests}

No vacancies or reservations are open yet. More information and forms will be displayed soon.

Message me (josephinefarine) for comments, questions, or concerns
Thank you for visiting!

Expected to open: October 9th.

T e a s e r B r o c h u r e «., ¸ ¸ ,.¤¨¯

josephinezoom2 09-26-2011 11:30 PM

Suites Booking;;Feedback;;Party Room Booking;;Job Forms

Job vacancies ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*} {Open!}

*Note: It is against the rules to pay others in team plays, so if you are an employ, please do not expect me to pay you! :c
*Note: Employs cannot book a room. If you would like to book a room, you may resign your post as an employ and become a guest. c:

Front Desk//receptionist (taken!)
Job description: Greats guests and provided information and answers to guest inquirie.
Uniform: Professional i.e. Slacks, dress, heals, etc..
Maximum: 1 person

Job description: Cleans rooms after guests have left.
Uniform: black pants, vest, + apron
Maximum: 2 people

Buffet Manager
Job description: Manages to dining hall, helps guests, servess food.
Uniform: Something professional that can get messy!
Maximum: 2 people

Job description: Serves food to guests in the formal dining room.
Uniform: Black slacks + vest + tie
Maximum: 3 people

Job description: Takes guests to their tables in the formal dining room and hands out menus.
Uniform: Black and formal!
Maximum: 1 person

Room Service
Job description: Brings whatever the guest requested up to their rooms.
Uniform: Black pants, vest, apron
Maximum: 3 people

Job description: Takes guests' luggage up to their room.
Uniform: red formal wear+ cap
Maximum: 2 people

Job description: Entertains guests via concerts, performances, comedie, etc..
Uniform: Anything appropriate to the occasion
Maximum: 3 people

Job application ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*} {Open!}

Note**: Star Suites will be open weekdays and weekends October 9-16th unless indicated otherwise.

BABV name:
Job selection:
How many hours a day can you work?:
How many days a week can you work?:
Uniform inquiries?:

Employs ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
•Front desk {FayeTeddyBear}
•Cleaners {none yet!}
•Buffet Manager {none yet!}
•Waiters {none yet!}
•Host {none yet!}
•Room Service {none yet!}
•Bellman {none yet!}
•Entertainer {none yet!}

Halloween Dance Floor Booking;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
•You can only book the Kooky Spooky room once.
•Parties thrown in the party room must be Halloween related {i.e; costume party, trick-or-treat party, Halloween sleepover, etc}
•Please fill in the form as accurately as possible!


*Note: Please only book the dance room when you are a guest c:
Day you want the room booked:
Time {morning, lunchtime, afternoon, or evening}:
Theme {must be appropriately themed}:

Booking waiting list;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}

Suites ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
We currently have six available suites, and more may be added in the future!

*Note: Booking rooms is free!

Suite Booking Rules;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
•You can book a room as many times as you would like!
•You cannot book multiple books at once.

Suite #1: Student Suite//Dorm Room
Are you a pupil trying to find a relaxing vacation while still keeping up with your studies? Well then this suite is for you! Complete with two lockers, an entertainment corner and an antique desk with comfy chair!
Room location: First floor//dorm rooms
Space: 2 people
Stars: ***
Current updates:Halfway occupied (MadelyneCinnamon3)

Suite #2: Spring Suite//Abbie
This luxurious suite will always provide a springy, fresh feel to it. This suite includes a single bed, many books, and a bright atmosphere!
Room location: Second floor//ABBIE
Space: 1 person
Stars: *****
Current updates: Vacant

Suite #3: Abandoned Dollhouse Suite//Alex
This lovely suite certainly has a girly feel to it, but don't be fooled by it's pink atmosphere! This suite's theme was designed to keep even the pickiest of guests happy!
Room location: Second floor// Alex or Alexandria
Space: 2 people
Stars: *****
Current updates: Occupied (AllyAllHeart101)

Suite #4: Adventure Suite//Patch
This room is only for true adventurers! Complete with a bonfire and a comfy, camp style bunkbed, it brings back the camping in a safari! Unlike the other suite's comfy, carefree feel, this suite will always keep you up and ready to conquer your next adventure!
Room location: Second floor//Patch
Space: 2 people
Stars: *** (this room has a tendency to lag up on my computer--if it causes problems for you, please come to the front desk and request another room if they are vacant)
Current updates: Halfway occupied (Zoeysummer508)

Suite #5: Classic Suite//Isabelle
Not planning on spending too much time in your suite? Wanna have a classic, relaxing vacation? Then this suite is just for you! Reflecting on the atmosphere and furniture of a classic hotel room, this suite will give you all the travel necessities and less fuss. Now you can spend more time explorng the hotel's vast locations instead of staying stuffed up in your room.
Room location: Second floor//Isabelle
Space: 2 people
Stars: ****
Current updates: Vacant

Suite #6: Christmas Suite//Jimmy
This suite brings back the festive feel of Christmas a couple of months early! It's theme is not yet entirely determined, but consider it a sneak peak for the future. c;
Room Location: Second floor//Jimmy
Space: 1 person
Stars: ****
Current Updates: Vacant

Booking ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
Check in date:
Check out date:

Some information;;
1)I am online weekdays from 4-5pm Pacific, and Sundays 8-9 Pacific
2)Star Suites are located in the Star Den
3)If your suite has space for more then one guest, there is a chance that you will share with another guest.
4)When you check out, be sure to message me with the form below.

Checking Out ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
Check out date:
Check in date:
Was you experience enjoyable?:
What should be improved?:
Rate your suite out of 5 stars:

Dates ;.+´¨¯¨`·.,¸_¸,·*}
►AllyAllHeart101- Abandoned Dollhouse Suite October 9-11
►Zoeysummer508- Adventure Suite October 9-14
►MadelyneCinnamon3- Student Suite October 9-15
►harryadventurous216- Adventure Suite October 14-16

Elffy90 09-28-2011 12:40 PM

I can't wait until this opens since I came here in the summer and it was amazing!

AllyAllHeart101 09-29-2011 07:51 PM

I can't wait! It seems amazing! Want a resrevation now!

josephinezoom2 09-30-2011 10:55 PM

Patience young grasshopper. c;
I will open reservations as soon as all the suites have been sufficiently decorated for Halloween!

AllyAllHeart101 10-01-2011 08:55 AM

ooh :). I love halloween <3

Mellie 10-01-2011 08:29 PM

Can't wait till this opens

MadelyneCinnamon3 10-01-2011 11:29 PM

awesome!!! i will definitely book a room!

Zoeadventurebear1052 10-02-2011 08:40 AM

Great job there!

fisco2345 10-02-2011 07:20 PM

hope it opens soon!!!

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