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RachelGirl192 12-23-2015 01:06 PM

what happened...
... to the Christmas pawty? I remember there was a thread and a poll, but both threads are closed now? So we don't have a pawty?

HoneyBanana30 12-24-2015 11:18 AM

I take full responsibility.
It's all my fault.
I didn't have enough time to organise it and posted about it in the MCT.
I'm so sorry... >.<
I'll make sure to tell everyone properly, next time, as there's just been so much going on.
Sorry. ^^;

RachelGirl192 12-25-2015 01:28 PM

Ok, I have not found it in the MCT so I did not know you posted about it. What a shame. Next year then :-) Or maybe a party in the new year.

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