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AbbieQueenBee1 07-22-2009 04:24 PM

Here are the FAQs

Q: How Do I Take A Screen Shot?
A: Press Prt Scr (on some computers it has SysRq underneath) then go to paint go to edit then click paste or ctrl+v then crop it and save as
Here is A Link to Help You Take Screen Shots:

Q: How do I upload photos?
A: Press Prt Scrn on your keyboard, go to Paint, click edit then paste, save it, go to, upload it, click the little photo, right click the big photo, and paste it on here.

Q: How do you it's a manager item?
A: Click This Link --->

Q: What are all the BABW Manager/Employee items?
A: Click the Link TO Find Out ---->

Q: How do you post a background image?
A: Upload the photo you want to your albums, right click the URL link, click User CP, click customize profile, paste it on the white bar, remember each bar is for a different section of your profile so if you want a different picture for each part, repeat all the steps but paste it on the other bars.

Q: what are Trading Teddys?
A: they are people who have 50 helpfull and Non-fluff posts, and have been a member of BI for 2 weeks and have been accepted into the Trading Den, where they may trade BABV items with other Trading Teddies.

Q:How do you post a siggie?
A: First you find a signature (you can find one on the internet or order one at one of our siggie shops!) You click on USER CP (it's a little bit below the home button)
When you click on USER CP, you will see some options on the left hand side of the page. Under Settings and Options, you will see Edit Signature. Click on it.
Scroll to the bottom and click the button that says Browse.. when you click on it, click on the picture you want as your signature and press OK. Press Upload. There you will see your picture is in your siggie. To add any words just type in the word box and click save signature. If you want to see it as a preview 1st, click on preview signature. If you think it's perfect, click on save signature. [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] is your picture.

Q:What are Non-Fluff Posts?
A: Non Fluff posts are helpful posts

Q:What are Fluff Posts?
A: Fluff posts are posts that aren't helpful like posting in the dct, shops, clubs, etc.

Q:How do you upload a profile picture and an avatar?
A:You click on USER CP (it's a little bit below the home button)
When you click on USER CP, you will see some options on the left hand side of the page. Under Settings and Options, you will see Edit Avatar. Click on it. Scroll down. You have 2 options. 1: to Enter the URL to the Image on Another Website . 2: Upload Image From Your Computer. To upload an image from your computer, click browse, choose the photo you want as your avvie, and click ok. After you click Save Changes. To enter the URL to the Image on Another Website, you will find the picture. There should be the URL under the picture or beside the picture. Copy the URL and paste it onto option 1. Click save changes.
To upload a profile pic, you go to use cp, under "Your Profile" click edit profile picture. you do the same thing as up there.

Q: How do you take pictures on a Mac?
A: Simple. Simply press shift, and 4 at the same time. them highlight what you want to take a picture of. It should apear on your desktop!

Q: How do I make a Hug-a-celeb?
A: NikkoBuddy's guide will tell you all!

Q: How do you take a screen shot on a laptop?
A: You press fn and prt sc at the same time then you go to paint or other picture programs and you ctrl+v or click on edit at the top and click paste. Crop, and save as.

Q: How do I post a pic in a thread?
A: First, you save the pic by right clicking it and clicking save picture as. Then, you go to picture uploading sites such as tinypic. You click browse, choose the pic, then click ok. You upload it. Then there will be various types of picture codes. Copy the one under, IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards. Then post it on the thread you want to post it in.

Q: How to become a Trading Teddy?
A: Click this link......

Q: What are Rep Points?
A: Reputation Points are given by members for being helpful. They show as little green boxes under your user name. The more helpful you are, the more reputation points you may receive.

Q: How do I give someone Rep Points?
A: Click on the heart with the green dot on the right side of the members name. (next to the post#)

Q: When can I add friends?
A: You can add friends when you have made 10 posts and become a Polar bear. :)

Q: I just joined and i can't pm, why?
A: You have to have 10+ posts to pm

Q: What's Maxine's Email?
Feel Free To Add More

Special thanks to the following members for contributing: AbbieQueenBee1, EmilyYakityyak19, HanaYooHoo4, JessieLuckyBear13, aznprincess, kaykayc911, ginger14, TiaBee22

JessBearHug 07-22-2009 04:30 PM

Thanks Abbie. We just want you to find the most asked questions. You don't need to hunt the answers down.

See if you can find more questions.

And thanks so much for helping.

juliabearfun21 07-31-2009 01:12 PM

Thanks for sharing ;) Very helpful!

StarrBalletBear 07-31-2009 03:48 PM

Great thread Abbie! I think you should add an answer to what's Maxine's email, I see a lot of people asking that. (:

AngelBear830 08-12-2009 03:25 PM

Thanks A LOT! cause i'm new here... but for some reason the Prt Scr/SysRq key, doesn't work for me.... i need help!

aznprincess 08-12-2009 04:08 PM


Originally Posted by AngelBear830 (Post 960291)
Thanks A LOT! cause i'm new here... but for some reason the Prt Scr/SysRq key, doesn't work for me.... i need help!

if you're on a laptop theres a question and answer up there too. :)

SavanahSassyFriend1 08-22-2009 01:36 PM

This is great Abbie! If I think of any more questions, I'll tell you.

EmilyYakityyak19 08-22-2009 02:14 PM

Q: What is Maxine's email?


Q: How do you post a thread?

A: Go to the appropriate section and select new thread.

shaenysmom 08-24-2009 08:46 PM

Q:How do I post a shop?

A:Go to the Avatars and signatures section and post on this thread HERE and ask for aproval don't expect a quick response it could take 1 or 2 days till you get a response

Q:Someone hacked my account or I am missing items what do I do?

A:Email and tell them what items your missing and they will check for your items and tell you what to do

Q:Where do I post the links to my videos

A:In the Links section HERE make sure they are not youtube videos

Fairy Zoe 08-26-2009 12:31 AM

q: what is this item where do you post it
a:yikes i need help?

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