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SaraOBeary3 02-07-2011 04:29 PM

How To: Zoom Your Screen on IE

Hello, and welcome to my guide on zooming your screen on IE (Internet Explorer). This guide is for people who have trouble zooming in their screens because they do not have the zoom button on the bottem right corner of their browser. This guide is great if you want to take zoomed pictures of your character on BABV. Enjoy, and please post if you have any comments or suggestions!


Open up Internet Explorer. On the top right of your screen, below your bookmark bar, you should see a button that says "Page" with an arrow next to it. Click on the button.


Toawards the bottem of the "Page" menu, you should see a button that says "Zoom". Hover your mouse over this button to make the "Zoom" menu come up.


Click on the button of how much of a zoom you would like. To take a good picture of your character, a good zoom size is 400%. If you would like zoom size that is not listed in the menu, you can select "Custom..." to enter your own zoom amount. Volia! Your page is now zoomed! Congradulations!

I Hope You Found This Guide Helpful! Enjoy!

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