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babvgirl 12-07-2012 06:54 PM

Bearemy's Bear Heads- Find the Bear Heads
Here is an old quest that I haven't completed yet! (Sorry if there is already a thread showing this) You need to find bear heads and you start by clicking on Bearemy in Town Square. I will be posting pictures and the prize bellow so check it out :D

Pictures will be posted in 30minutes or less from when this was last posted

Step 1: Click on Bearmey
Step 2: I don't have the exact clue for this but you can find this Bear Head Town Square :)

Step 2: After clicking on the Bear Head you receive a clue (If you have a furry friend you call this place home, you live here together so you’re never alone!). We assume this leads us to the Neighborhood.

Step 3: After clicking you find the Bear Head in the Neighborhood, you receive another clue (You go to this place to buy some new threads and that’s where you’ll find the next Bear Head!). Go to the Furbulous Fashion District to find the next Bear Head.

Step 4: After finding the Bear Head in the Fashion District, your next clue reads (Pawsome job! You’re getting so close to finding the all … The next Bear Head is by the mall!). This means going to the mall but go to the Market Place because it is by the mall.

Step 5: Your final clue in the Market Place reads (Great job! This is your final clue: You’ll find the last Bear Head in this pawsome area, where you can play baseball or even go on a car race!). From the activities they describe you figure they want us to go to Sportsplex.

Prize: Your prize is a special t-shirt!

I hope this helped you if you did not complete this quest or it helps the new members of Bearville :D

Sorry about the Night and Day mode/switches in the images!

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