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redinky 12-30-2011 04:20 PM

Share a Blizzard-ful Winter with Bella, Katie, Jane, and the Build-A-Bears! Featuring Frogs in Leather Jackets, CRAZY smallfrys, and Darth Vader Twins! The Stress of Being the Oldest - Entry 1: My New Sibling Now Up!
Banner courtesy of ME! Sorry, I don't do banners for others.

SNOWBALL BOMBARDMENT! Wait a minute... Oh, it's you! Ralph, stop throwing snowballs. Thank you. Well, welcome to Share a Blizzard-ful Winter! I'd recommend you get some hot cocoa and some fuzzy slippers before proceeding; it looks icy up ahead. Got them? Good. Now, we begin.
My Build-A-Bears
Girls in violet, boys in green
*Not virtual
*Virtual only

1. SweetieBear the girl Pink Cuddles Teddy
2. Holly the girl Holly Moose
3. Flowerpool the girl McDonalds Mini Pawfect Pink Leopard
4. Percy the boy Fabulous Frog
5. April the girl Make-'n'-Play Fabulous Frog
6. Cassie the girl Peace and Hugs Bear
7. Millicent the girl Mint Chip Bear
8. Katerina the girl Keroppi
9. Katherine the girl Keroppi Tiny Klip
10. Chloe the girl Jr. CyBearGuide Bear*
11. Holly-Kiara the girl 2006 Hello Kitty*
12. Kaida the girl smallfrys Enchanted Dragon
13. Emma the girl Fudge Puppy
14. Diana the girl smallfrys Autumn Hugs Bear
15. Ralph the boy Floppy Frog
16. Clover Angel the girl Happy Go Lucky Frog
I know it's small compared to some collections, but it's big enough for me! Now, how about we meet Katie's bears? Note: Sugar the Brown Sugar Puppy was, as you may remember, at the top of Katie's list, however, Katie gave Sugar to Jane for one of her birthdays.
Katie's Bears
Girls in pink, boys in blue
*Not virtual
*Virtual only

1. Kisses the girl Mini Green T-Rex*
2. Cera the girl Mini Triceratops*
3. Snuggles the girl Green T-Rex
4. Rainstar the girl McDonalds Mini Pawfect Pink Leopard
5. Errol the boy Owl
6. Flower the girl Flamingo
7. Melissa the girl Enchanted Pony
8. Mr. Baseball the boy Mr. Baseball
9. Kyra the girl Keroppi Tiny Klip
10. Lilac the girl Bumble Tiny Klip*
11. Pablo the boy smallfrys Chilly Cheeks Penguin
12. Caribbea the girl Blue Angry Bird
13. Boadecia the girl Mini Boadecia*
Notice how it's a lot smaller than mine! She's kinda not into bears anymore. But she does want a Make-'n'-Play Vanilla Swirl Bunny. Now, we are going to meet the smallest second smallest collection of the bunch; Jane's collection.
Jane's Bears
Girls in orange, boys in lime
*Not virtual

*Not online

1. Rose the girl Pink Cuddly Hugs Teddy*
2. Sugar the girl 2006 Brown Sugar Puppy*
3. Piper the girl Year of the Ox*
4. Skyla the girl Bubblegum Bear*
5. Piggy-Wiggy the boy Angry Birds Pig*
6. Sven the boy Mini Sven*
And to top off our collections, we meet the smallest collection ever!
My Dad's Bear
1. Palpatine the boy Lil' Honeycomb Cub
There are blogs on here, don't worry! They're coming up next! Oh, do you need another hot cocoa? Okay, here you go.
The Blogs
* = Temporary, To Be Changed

The Stress of Being the Oldest - SweetieBear's Diary
Jingle Bell Rockstar - Holly's Blog
Just Because I'm Tiny Doesn't Mean I Can't Be Awesome! - Flowerpool's Blog
Frog with a Limo - Percy's Journal
I IZ EPIC - April's Blog
Love, Hugs, Peace, Smiles - Cassie's Blog
Tales Around the Campfire - Millicent's Journal
Born This Way, Totally Awesome - Katherine's Diary
How Often Do You Shower and Have You Ever Been To Japan? - Chloe's Website
Pink Tea Parties and Pink Bows - Holly-Kiara's Diary
Tales from the Tiny Town - Kaida's Notebook
Fudge and Figure Skating - Emma's Adventure Journal
Tiny Town Cookie Shop - Diana's Notebook
Old Frog, New Owner - Ralph's Journal
The Shamrock Garden - Clover Angel's Story Blog
Now, before we exit for the time being, check out the Update List.
Latest Update: The Stress of Being the Oldest - Entry 1 on 01/01/2012
The Stress of Being the Oldest - Entry 1: My New Sibling
Well, I guess that's all for now! I'll see you soon!

*gets hit with snowball*
Bella and the Build-A-Bears
*gets hit with 7 snowballs*
Guys, seriously?
Bella and the Rockin' Build-A-Bears
*gets hit with 1,000 snowballs*
Help me!
Bella and the Lucky Cool Cookielicious Fudge-ified Tiny Sweet Fun Unique Crazy Camping Peaceful Epic Froggy Awesome Rockin' Friendly Build-A-Bears

AbbygailBearDiva59 12-30-2011 04:37 PM

Awesome blogs!:)

redinky 12-30-2011 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by AbbygailBearDiva59 (Post 3662967)
Awesome blogs!:)

Thank you, Abbygail!

MadelyneCinnamon3 12-30-2011 10:38 PM

OH COOOOOL!!!!!!!! xDD
Maybe u could provide links to the blogs in the "Links" section?

redinky 01-01-2012 10:32 AM

I would, but my bears naturally enjoy blogging on the thread, if you mean the links section on the forum.

And now, my first update, The Stress of Being the Oldest!

The Stress of Being the Oldest
A Diary by: SweetieBear

Entry 1: My New Sibling
Dear diary,
Happy New Year! Did you know next week, we'll have a Friday the 13th? That's Bella's ultimate favorite day! Anyways, so, Bella got a package yesterday, and for some reason, she's been flipping out since Christmas Night. But then Ralph came from Nevada a few days ago. So, SHE opened the package and I swear, I have never seen her more excited to get a lump of fluff. But she kept saying that it was her "Dream Frog" and that she couldn't wait to stuff it on Monday. After that, I understood. THIS was Clover Angel, despite being a skin. So, we go to Build-A-Bear Workshop tomorrow to get her stuffed. Bella says Ralph will go in the car with me. Ralph is her twin brother, and I am the oldest Build-A-Bear in the family, so Percy didn't get to come along. Anyways, I need to have breakfast. Bye!

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