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christmas 01-26-2012 10:29 AM

Trading Value Guide ! (Permission Given) !
Hi All,

I really hope you all find this useful. It will be a lot of hard work to complete so please don't get it shut down !

First of all I would like to say that I have asked permission to make this thread & Wendy ( the forum owner ) has kindly allowed it ! I have assured her though that the intention is as a guide & not for direct trade talk. If this thread encourages direct trade talk I will ask for it to be shut down myself !

Please remember it is a privilage to have a trading guide outside of the trading den. Please do not abuse it !!!!!

The Rules I said we would stick to if the thread were allowed are that it is not allowed to ask would it be fair to trade A for B. It is not allowed to say I want a certain item does anybody have it & it is certainly not allowed to say I have a certain item what will anybody give me for it If you stick to asking what is the value of a certain item then we should be OK

I am going to try though to give all items values & then it is up to you to do the maths when you are putting trades together in Bearville. If you like you may ask for a value to be placed on a certain item & feel free to post what category & values you think should be on things too & I will try to allocate them in the correct place on my thread. I have set up the first 25 posts in all & will try to set them up into categories shortly.. This will take a long time to complete

I am trying to value the items by arating system. very oftemn we talk about values in terms of so many out of ten but that doesn't really work here as that does not give enough possibility to rate items relative to each other without getting into silly fractions. The top score I give is 75 & am trying my best to make every thing work out so that when you do the maths it works out fairly. It will also depend how much you want an item though so it is impossible to rate everything perfectly for everybody. However if you feel that you see an inbalance in the points values somewhere then please post to let me know & I will look at it again

I was asked by a member representing a few if I would help by making one of my guides on this subject. I said I woul if I could get permission so finally now the hloidays are over I'm starting it !

These are the categories I hope to cover
  • Manager items/Employee Items
  • Mega PSI
  • Extra Large PSI
  • LargePSI
  • MediumPSI
  • Small PSI
  • Code Items
  • Special Guest Items
  • Seasonal Items (store fur all seasons)
  • Travelling Market
  • Special Events (Carnival/Medieval)
  • Quest Items
  • Paws Fur Nature
  • Bearville Times
  • App Code Prizes
  • Retired BVO
  • CurrentBVO
  • Pawlette Retired & Current
  • Fountain
  • Anything Else I Think Of LOL !
Now with all that to work on I am going to need some memory joggers & I'm sur on occasions I might put something in the wrong category. If you think I have please say so.

Please remember keep to the rules or all this effort here will be wasted as the thread might end up being deleted. I will have to report anybody who tries to trade on here so please don't do it & please understand.

Thank You

Christmas ( HelenAllHeart54 ) :thumbup:

christmas 01-26-2012 10:40 AM

Manager / Employee Items
Chief Workshop Manager Gifts

Black Briefcase
Bonsai Tree
Christmas Tree Tote
BABW Heart Necklace
Coach's Whistle
Green Wand

Gifts To All Managers

Fruit Basket

Gifts To All bear Builders

Old Stuffing Machine

Gifts To All Employees

Colour Me Pawprint Shirt (cusomizable colours) NEW 22.02.12 !
Stuffing Machine Snow Globe
St Louis Arch
2009 Top Hat (Black & Yellow)
2011 Top Hat (Blue)
Guitar Table
Ice Cream Cone with 5 scoops in food section (not to be confused with 3 scoop one)

All the items listed in purple have only ever been given as gifts to one type of emplyee or another. This makes them extremely rare & very much sought after. They individually are worth more than anything in bearville except a Grand Tiara which personally I would not trade for a manager item. Please beware though that Maxine gave a Heart locket out as a special guest gift which is very similar in style to the Chief Workshop Manager one. Please don't be fooled the Manager one looks to have little sparkle flecks like it is made of glitter where the one from maxine is plain red & of much lower value
Value 25 to 35

Although the colur me paw print shirt is has now been given to employees it is a very similar shirt that has for a while been given in the make & play Bear kits by code & the two should not be confused. These pictures have kindly been provided by KarenBearHug. The tee on the left with a lighter tone paw print in the same colour is the employee item & is called "colour me paw print T shirt". The one on the right is the craft shop tee fom a code & is called "Colourable Paw Tee"

Value also 25 to 35 for the style of the tee on the left

Also these 2 items although first given as manager items have for the duration of the Jr CyBearGuide convention on rare occasions come from the claw machine too. It lowers thre value somewhat but they are still ver much wanted & still worth a Mega PSI plus a bit extra.
Value 20 to 25

This item is the latest item to be given to all BABW employees. It is a repeat item though & is exactly the same as the Guitar table in the rock & Roll Party room. This again Lowers ist Value.
Value 10

Please note that although this item was first given as a Chief Workshop Manager item it has since been given as a Bearemy giveaway on Christmas Day 2011 substantially lowering its value to that of a giveaway !
Value 4

Thanks to KarenBear Hug for providing me with the acurate information about who was given what ! A Great Help !! :thumbup:

christmas 01-26-2012 10:41 AM

MEGA MEGA MEGA PSI Value OFF The Scale Throgh The Roof !!

Grand Tiara
All Seasons Shirt & Headband

To get these items you had to collect a set of 4 bears which are now retired meaning that really the items should be worth the value of 4 big PSIs of a value of 15 to 18 each. However they are very very wanted and so you potentially could get a very good price for these items. The Grand Tiara in particular seems to be one of the most wanted thing in bearville.
Value 60 to 75


Bunny Glasses
Furry feet
Old Flamingo Mask

These are retired very much wanted PSIs and it will vary a lot how much people want for them
Value 35 to 40

christmas 01-26-2012 10:42 AM

Extra Large PSI
Aligator Tooth Necklace
Andean Bear Headress & Glasses
Announcers Desk
Bamboo Floor Mat
Baseball Chair
Baseball Glove Chair
Baseball Plate Plus 3 Bases
BearClaw Necklace
Big Overstuffed Comfy Chair
Bison Hat
Bone & Heart Dog Tag
Bowl Of Caramel
Bulldog Hat & Monocle
Bunch Bananas
Cake Outfits (Pink Or Yellow)
Canadian Patriotic Puppy 3 Piece Outfit
Central American Wall Medallion
Chocolate Bar Bed
Cow Bed
Coyote Tapis
Dino Bone Tee Shirt
Disney Tea Cup Rides ( Blue Or Yellow )
Eagle Hat
Empire State Building Outfit
Eucalyptus Plant
European Bunny Ears
Fan Hand
Feather Rug
Ficus Tree
Floppy Moose Headband
Furever Bear Hat, Neckerchief & Glasses Set
Furry Sofa
Giggly Piggly Shirt & Gloves
Groundhog Tee
Holly Leaf Collar
Hot Chocolate Machine
Ice Hole
I Love Canada Tee
Kisses Fur You Heart Locket
Leaves Chair
Leopard Rug
Lion Mane & Tail
Lion Throne
Log Chair
Midnight Kitty Mask (UK Exclusive)
Mouse Ears
Mr. Baseball Scoreboard
Nest With Eggs
Nikki Bear Bed
Orca Hat
Ostrich Hat
Otter Pond
Patchwork Bunny Ears & Glasses
Peacock Hat
Pink Hearts Couch With Footstool
Pirate Bear Hat & Eye Patch
Poodle Vanity
Prehistoric Art
Puerto Rican BeaseBall Cap
Puerto Rican Flag Tee
Puffin Hat
Puma Outfit
Red Fez Hat
Red Panda Ears & Tail
Rhino Feet
Sassy Kitty Purple Silk Pants
Scottie Dog Outfit
Shaggy Carpet
Shamrock Chair
Statue Of Liberty Outfit
Ted Taylor Striped Vest
Ten Gallon Hat
Tie Dye Tee
Tiger Striped Chair
Tortoise Foot Stool
Travel Teddy Suitcase
Treasure Chest
Tree Branch
T Rex Skeleton
Tribal Drum Set
Triceratops Mask
Turkey Balloon
Turtle Hat
Unicorn Tee
Vanilla Bean Bag
Volcano Tee
Wall Horseshoes
White Bone Rug
Wooly Mammoth Outfit
Year Of The Rabbit Ears & Glasses
Zebra Couch

Value 18

The value of this in pink I feel to be about 25 to 30 as it is an exclusive item.

christmas 01-26-2012 10:42 AM

Large PSI
Autumn Hugs Tee & Headband
Bearemy Tee & Cap
Black Lab Tee
Blue Bow Tie
Blue Dino Bag
Blue Tiara
Blush Polka Dot Hair Bow
Bunny Tail
Canada Flag
Cinnamon Bunny ears
Curly Lamb 4 piece outfit
Dog Dish
Elephant Ears
Endless Hugs Shirt & Pants
Eskimo Jacket
Fall txedo 3 piece Set
Frog Hat
Funky Reading Glasses
Green Dino Shoes
Halloween Kitty Outfit (Red Kitty)
Hello Kitty Colored Bow
Hello Kitty Kite
Hello Kitty Tiny Tee (Tropical Kitty)
Hello Kitty Top Hat Pink Band
Hello Kitty Top Hat White Band
Hello Kitty Pink & Yellow Bow (Purple Kitty)
H M Interactive stage
Hopeful Wishes Pink Ribbon Pendant
HSM Megaphone Tee
Hugs fur you Monkey Outfit
Hunters Jacket
Igloo Ice Room
Large Pink Tiara
Large Yellow Tiara
Monkey Ears
New Flamingo Mask
Parrot Hat
Paw Print Dog Bed
Pink Dino Bag
Pink Hair Bow
Pink Leopard Newsboy Hat
Princess Kitty Crown
Pudsey Dot Bandana
Red Dino Shoes
Rolled Up Newspaper
Small Pink Tiara
Smiley Face Tee
Snazzy Kitty Ears & Whiskers
Spooky Kitty Outfit
Spring Hugs Tee & Headband
Summer Hugs Tee & Headband
Tiger Print Duffle Bag
Tiger Print Shopping Bag
Unicorn Hat & Wand
USA Patriotic Pup Outfit
Velvet Jacket
Velvet Pants
Waggly Puppy Toque
Westie Tee
Winter Hugs Tee & Headband
Zebra Street Sign

Value 15

christmas 01-26-2012 10:43 AM

Medium PSI
Blue Polka Dot Bow Tie
Cat Tree
Fenec Fox Cap
Ice Cream Top With Cherry Hat
Ice Cream Top With Cookie Hat
Jeans With Patches
Lil Bunny Big Ears
Pink Polka Dot Hair Bow
Siamese Outfit
Tabby Kitty Mask
Tabby Kitty Outfit
Velvet Puppy Hat Jacket & Pants Outfit

Value 13

I would probably put most new PSIs in this category as they are more wanted than one that has been out for a while but they are still obtainable in store. Some may pay a higher price depending how good the PSI is and how fast it is wanted. Personally though I'm usually happy to patient for a fair deal.

christmas 01-26-2012 10:43 AM

Small PSI
Bee Keepers Helmet
Coconut Tree
Dog Caps With Ears
Explorer's Hat
Grey Wolf Shorts, Jacket & Hat
New Amur Leopard Explorers Hat
Outback Hat

Value 10

christmas 01-26-2012 10:44 AM

Code Items
Pawlette Dog Tag
Leap Day Tee
Beach Towel
Wicked Tee ( UK Exclusive )
Ear Buddies ( UK Exclusive )
Builders Hard Hat
Messenger Bag 1
Messenger Bag 2
Messenger Bag Colour Your Own
Trick Or Treat Bag
Dog House
Boys Fashion Weekend Outfit
Girls Fashion Weekend Dress
Recycle Jeans
Wii Console
Nintendo DS
Charmy Kitty Purse
Icarly Laptop
Chococat Bag
Purple Cat Mask
Purple Leather Jacket
Pancake Hat
Cool Cats Hot Dogs Beach Bag
Scout Sash
Sweepstake Glasses
Smurf Hat
Red Hello Kitty Table
Ronald McDonald Tees
Ronald McDonald Hat
Easter Basket
Cow Couch
Bear Head Water Slide
Best & Friend Tees
Victoria Justice Shirt
Candy Cane Couch
Snoopy Ears
McDonald's SmallFry Code Items ( Various )
Star Wars Monkey Poster
Craft Shop Code Items
Purple Wand
BABW Trading Card Items

Some code items are worth a lot more than others and these items may even be worth Bunny Glasses to some people but certainnly one of the larger PSIs.

Value 20 To 35 depending how badly wanted

These items are still very much wanted too but not quite to the same extent as the ones in pink

Value 15

The other items I'd say are all worth about the same

Value 10 to 13

More coming when I can think of them lol !

christmas 01-26-2012 10:45 AM

Special Guest Items

Bear Head Ski Hat
Big Heart Pendant
Teddy Bear Slippers
Bear Head Tote
Bear Head Flip Flops
Heart Shaped Glasses
Bear Head Watch
Bear Paw Visor
Heart Tote
Bear Head Directors Chair
2009 Shirt
Bear Head Sneekers
Maxine Birthday Vest
Apple Bag
Gardening Bag
Love Hugs Peace Plant
Bear Head Floaties
Love Hugs Peace Pennant
Stack Of Books
Bear Mask
Thanksgiving Float
BABW Christmas Tree
2010 Top Hat
Maxine Valentine Poster
Yellow Garden Globe
Flamingo Poster
Bearhead Popsicle
Love Hugs Smile Tee
Bearhead Ear Muffs
2011 Top Hat
Rainbow Wig
Round Rose Bag
Blue Star Hoodie
Fuzzy Scarf ( Blue )
Blue 2012 Tee
Red & Blue Big Glasses
Red Flower Box

Chloe Rocks

School Pennant
Book Strap
Halloween Flag
Turkey Hat
Elf Hat
2009 Flag
Love Rocks Flag
Apple Notebook
Gardening Shovel
Pink Bear Pinata
Camp Whistle
Peanut Butter Sandwich
Candy Apple
Orange Scarf
Elf Picture
2010 Tee
Chloe Valentine Poster
Garden Globe ( Red Or Blue ? )
Tiger Poster
Blue Mittens
2011 Tee
Sunflower Hat
Rainbow Purse
Yellow Apple Food
Maths Book
Beach Cabana
Spooky Bat Shirt
Pink Cow Bell
Pink Star Hoodie
Snuggly Scarf ( Yellow )
Yellow 2012 Tee
Crazy Glasses ( Purple & Yellow )
Yellow Flower Box

Migulel Sunshine

Anti Foam Goggles
Camp Visor
Green Apple
Recycling Poster
Apple Cider Drink
2010 Tie
Miguel Valentines Poster
Garden Globe ( Red Or Blue ? )
Giraffe Poster
Blue Scarf
2011 Tie
Fruit Basket
Rainbow Chair
Miguel Glasses
Green & Yellow Sweat Band
Science Book
Apple Cider Again
Racoon Hat
Orange Star Hoodie
Warm Scarf ( Green )
Red 2012 Tee
Fun Glasses ( Green & Orange )
Blue Flower Box

Green Tracks

2010 Topiary
Green Tracks Valentine Poster
Leopard Poster
Green Milkshake
Green Boots
Earth Poster
Rainbow Rug
Apple Bag
Water Fountain
Candy Apple
Red Fishing Hat
Green Star Hoodie
Comfy Scarf ( Black )
Green 2012 Tee
Funky Glasses ( Green & Green )
Green Flower Box

Some of the special guest items are worth a lot more than others as some have been repeated or given as prizes in other ways (even through the fountain)

These items are quite hard to get hold of & wanted too & are some of the more valuable special guest items

Value 15

The items that remain in purple are regular special guest items that are all worth about the same as each other

Value 10

The items in orange have been repeated or given in other ways but are still slightly more rare than the ones in blue

Value 5

These Items are worth very little as have been fountain or giveaways reducing their value substantially

Value 1

On this thread I have not bothered wasting space listing items that have no trading value like the moves & emoticons that have been given.

christmas 01-26-2012 10:45 AM

Seasonal Items
Valentines Day

Rose Hair Clip
Flower Wrist Corsage
Rose Boutonniere
Rose Bag
Heart Guitar
Flower Wreath
Valentines Day Banner
Valentine's Day Wall Art
Heart Mosaic Poster
Cupid Painting
Valentine's Wreath
Happy Valentine's Banner
Heart Clock
Roses Rug
Heart Rug
Rose Arch
Heart Loveseat
Vase Of Roses
Roses Bed
Iron Heart Chair
Heart Table
Heart Swirl Sculpture
Heart Bed
Rose Bouquet
Cozy HeartCouch
Heart Rocking Chair
Tiered Heart Table
Modern Heart Chair
Twin Heart Sculpture
Box Of Chocolates
King Of Hearts Outfit
Queen Of Hearts Outfit
Rose Seeds
Mismatched Socks Kinky Pink & Purple Stripes
Mismatched Socks Black Zany Puzzle
Mismatched Socks White Zany Stars & Stripes
Heart Earings
Heart Leggings
Heart Shaped Glasses


Easter Table
Easter Nest Centrepiece
Easter Chick Centrepiece
Easter Egg Centrepiece
Copntemporary Egg Chair
Easter Egg Rug
Bunny Wall Clock
Modern Egg Chair (Inside Colour Variable)
Easter Egg Wreath
Easter Bunny Rug
Happy Easter Banner
Easter Egg Lights
Bunny Wall Hanging
Flower Rug
Bunny Rug

St Patricks Day

Lots of Luck Dress
Leprechaun Outfit
Shamrock Headband
Shamrock Table
Happy St Patricks Day Banner
Shamrock Garland
Shamrock Rug
Ireland Poster
Ireland Painting
Erin Go Bragh Sign
Irish Round Rug
Pot O' Gold
Leprechaun Garden Gnome

Cinco De Mayo

Mexico Table
Pinata (Colourful Donkey)
Chile Pepper Lights
Chile Pepper Wall Hanging
Sun Tiled Wall Hanging
Cinco De Mayo Banner
Chihuahua Poster
Mariachi Poster
Mexico Map
Mexican Rug
Plate Of Nachos
Sunburst Rug


Suit Of Armour (Red Feather)
Classic Knight (Blue Feather)
Kingly Throne (Wooden)
Red Throne
Blue Throne
Castle Bed
Castle Planter
Castle Rug
Castle Poster
Enchanted Poster
Medieval Banner
Dragon Banner
Dragon Statue
Mini Catapult
Medieval Fountain
Gold Dragon Chain
Silver Dragon Chain
Enchanted Crown (Code)

Camp Happy Heart

Red Camp Tee
Blue Camp Tee
Yellow Camp Tee
Blue Camp Tee
Kids Playpool
Swimming Cap
Camp Fire
Hot Fudge Tee
Bubble Gum Tee
Mint Choc Chip Tee
Orange Sherbert Tee
Duffle Bag
Cybearguide Sleeping Bag
Flickering Camp Fire
Team Candy Tee
Team Cookie Dough Tee
Team Strawberry Cheesecake Tee
Team Berries Tee
CHH Sleeping Bag
2011 Trophy
Cookie Dough Trunk
Working Water Slide
Everlasting Ice Cream Cornet


Balloon Hat 1
Balloon Hat 2
Balloon Hat 3
Bear Head Balloon
Candy Floss
Swirly Lolipop
Chococat Bell From Chocolate Bar Collection Cards
My Melody Bonnet From Magic Wand Collection Cards
Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel Seat From Bow Collection Cards
Carnival Bench (Yellow)
Clown Wig
Clown Nose
Carnival Tee


Jack O' Lantern Tee (8th of month prize)
Jack o' Lantern Lolipop
Ghost Candy Lolipop
Couldron Candy
Skull Candy
Bat Candy
Spider Candy
Eye Candy
Trick Or Treat Candy
Pumpkin Trick Or Treat Bag
Treat Bag
Special Book (Spell Book On Stand)
Kooky Spooky Table
Spider Back Chair
Bat Wing Chair
Ghost Statue
Black Cat Statue
Kooky Spooky Cake
Spider Cake
Spider String Lights
Spider's Web Wall Hanging
Spider's Web Bed
Haunted House Poster
Pumpkin Candy Bowl
Working Pumpkin Candy Bowl
Working Couldron
Apple Bobbing Barrell
Happy Halloween Banner
Kooky Spooky Rug
Pumpkin Slippers
Witch Coloured Costume
Coloured Witch Hat
Candy Corn Tote
Pumpkin Tote (Jack O' Lantern)
Grey Leopard Outfit
Red & Black Pirate Costume
Girl Pirate Costume
Skeleton Outfit
Kooky Spooky Pumpkin Costume
Glittery Pumpkin Outfit
Funky Witch Outfit
Light Up Fairy Costume
Flapper Costume
Gypsy Costume
Mummy Costume
Wizard Outfit
Princess Outfit
Disco Outfit
Bee Costume
Super Hero Outfit
Pointy Witch Costume
Ghost Costume
Pirate Costume
Cowboy Costume
Ballerina Costume
Pumpkin Tote
Wicked Tee (Extremely Rare Limited 1 Weekend Code UK Exclusive)
Vampire Cloak
Green & Black Witch Hat (VIB)
Halloween Calendar
Halloween Scarf
Candy Cane Couch (Code)


Turkey Feet
Pumpkin Pie
Thanksgiving Dinner Table
Turkey Hat

Christmas / Hanukkah / Diwali

Milk Bucket
11 Pipers Piping Poster
Swan Ice Sculpture
Egg Chair
5 Gold Rings
3 French Hens Poster
2 Turtle Doves In Cage
Partridge in A Pear Tree
Holiday Tree With Star & Gifts
Green Christmas Tree
White Christmas Tree
Blue Christmas Tree
Bear Head Christmas Tree
Holiday Bed
Holiday Vanity
Holiday Sleigh Nightstand
Sleigh Bed
Candy Cane Bed
Candy Cane Vanity
Candy Cane Chair
Snowflake Bed
Snowflake Bureau
Snowflake Nightstand
Snowflake Nook
Snowflake Rug
Bear Head Holiday Rug
Red & Green Rug
Snowman Rug
Snowman Chair
Twinkling Lights
Snowman Wreath
Blue Ribbon Wreath
Blue Bell Wreath
Blue Flower Wreath
Red Ribbon Wreath
Cream Holiday Wreath
Gingerbread House
Christmas Stocking
Christmas Stocking (From Code)
Santa Sleigh & Reindeer
Gift Centrepiece
Holiday Centrepiece
Holiday Floral Centrepiece
Kwanza Floral Centrepiece
Kwanza Candle Centrepiece
Hanukkah Centrepiece
Silver Menorah
Gold Menorah
Inflatable Menorah
Wood Kwanza Menorah
Robot Statue (Interactive Toy)
Holly & Hal Poster
Toy Box (From 12 Day Quest)
Fur Boots
Cookie Table (From Santa)
Spiral Tree
North Pole Sign Post 2
North Pole Sign Post 3
Snow Globe
Cookie Oven (Code)
Elf Ears
Gold Present Hat
Banana Hat
Santa's Holiday Village
Red Lounger
Peppermint Hat
Blue Mittens
Plate Of Muffins
Basket Of Muffins
Red & green Scarf
Red & Green Ear Muffs
Red & Green Pot Holder
Santa Hat
Santa Beard
Diwali Lamp
Dreidel Hat
Christmas Countdown Poster
Snow Shovel
Eskimo Hat
Carousel Reindeer (From Santa)
Christmas Lights Bear
Reindeer Hat
Hanukkah Poster
Christmas Vest (From Santa)
Christmas Tree Tote
Santa Outfit
Red Velvet Dress
Satin Bubble Dress
Girl Elf Outfit
Elf Shoes & Hat
Boy Elf Outfit
Lil Hal Outfit
Mrs Claus Outfit
Moose Print PJs
Moose Slippers
Ice Skater Outfit With Ear Muffs
Snow Angel Outfit
Sequin Fairy Dress
Ice Skates (Various Colours)

Most of the items here were available to purchase in either the Store Fur All Seasons or the Bear Stuff Store during the Holiday Time.

Value 10 to 15

These Items were available From BVO are rated the same as retired BVO items so long as they are not brought back again

Value 8 to 15

These Items were available from Pawlette Boutique but are now retired fro there

Value 7 to 12

These Items were Giveaways during the holiday season

Value 10

These Items were available from a code

Value 10 to 15

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