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harryadventurous216 06-03-2012 03:58 AM

About the special guests
Well, here is what 'job' they do in BV:
ChloeRocks - Chat show host (Chloe Show)
Miguel - Zoologist
GreenTracks - Zoologist
Maxine - Town founder
Bearemy - Deputy mayor
Pawlette - Current mayor (Elected in 2008)
Sugar Puppy - Sportsman

ChloeRocks comes around sometimes. She gives away a gift every time you see her! The gift changes monthly. Her gift will usually be yellow. She also hosts 'The Chloe Show' where she interviews famous people on BABV! She hasn't done one for a while, though.

Miguel LOVES to save the earth! He also gives away a gift when you see him. The gift changes monthly. His gift will usually be blue. He is great friends with GreenTracks.

GreenTracks is Miguel's partner! You can also see him in BV! He will usually be with Miguel in BV. His gift, of course, changes monthly. His gift wil usually be green.

Maxine is the founder of BABV and BABW! She has two BV characters. Maxine the bear will give you a gift, but Maxine the person won't. Her gift also changes monthly. It's usually red. Her birthday is in March.

Bearemy stands outside the virtual BABW, in town square. He'll give a special gift on special occasions! When it isn't a special occasion, he runs a guide system! Chloe will give you a BV guide. His birthday is in August.

Pawlette was elected BV ammbasador as of 2008. She stands outside her boutique in the fashion district. She also runs the fashion quiz! She might also give away a special gift sometimes, on special occasions.

Brown Sugar Puppy stands by the skateboard ramp in Skate Park. He runs the sports quest! He has never been known to give away any gifts, except in 2008 elections.

Well, thats it! I will do more later.

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