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harryadventurous216 08-28-2012 11:36 AM

My Mall and Market Place Ideas!
There should be a re-design in the entrance. You can access Store Fur All Seasons. There are more benches. There is a food store at the bottom of the screen.

When you click on the arrow by the JOB bench, you'll enter The Mall Ground Floor. There is a Bank, Cute Clothing Store (Girls), Cool Clothing Store (Boys), Awesome Accesories store, Bearemy's Books Store and Sugar Puppy's Sport Store. At the top of the screen is some lifts. Click on the lift to enter the lift. You can choose: Floor 1 or 2. Choose and you'll head to that floor.

Floor 1 is full of cool stuff! A Bear Stuff Store, Pawlette's Boutique, Furtastic Furniture Store, Bee Stylin' Salon, Care fur Bears store, a Build-A-Bear Workshop (What's a mall without a BABW!) and Sweet, Sweet Confectionery Store. At the top of the screen, of course, is the lifts. Enter them to go to floor 2 or Ground floor.

Floor 2 is the Food Court! It has a BFC (Bearville Fried Chicken), Coffee Shop, Steak House, Restaurant Au Francais, Italino Restaurante, Mexicano, Japan! Sushi, Fish n' Chips and Yums Cafe.

Market Place!
By the Mall will be a sign. Click on it to see a list of Mall Stores!

I'll finish later. Gotta go!

st2nic 08-28-2012 11:45 AM

good idea. redesigning. i loved bfc and babw at mall.
would recommend fresh vege pet food store with counter service for furry friends. not sure what a good name would be...

harryadventurous216 08-28-2012 11:56 AM


Originally Posted by st2nic (Post 3986611)
good idea. redesigning. i loved bfc and babw at mall.
would recommend fresh vege pet food store with counter service for furry friends. not sure what a good name would be...

Thnx! Great Ideas!

mipie9 09-01-2012 12:35 PM

also a pet store would be cool where you can get pets for you or your furry friends and pet food, cages, leashes, training classes. grooming, vet appointments, and pet hotels for when you know you won't be on BABV for a while. Also the pet store would enable more jobs, some like the coffee shop job. A person enters with a pet, and goes to the front desk for grooming, training, vet or hotel. Then if you are one of the people who is working at the front desk then you put them on the waiting board. If they don't ned any of that then they can just go get a cart or basket from the cart/basket person/people then go shop for whatever they need and if they need help finding something they can go ask at front desk and one of the front desk people will get on the intercom and all the current workers who are in the helping department will get an alert on their screen and if u r the first person to respond then a arrow pops up and it shows you which way to go just in case u forgot what section of the store they were in or if you are a new employee. Also a vet would be a job there would be 4 vets at a time someone would come into a checkup room and wait for the vet to come into the room and check out their pet and give it medicine or shots or whatever it needs. And when the vet comes in it goes to a screen kind of like the coffee shop minigame screen, the person's pet is there and there is at least one thing you need to do for the pet on the side of the screen and you have to find it and put it the right place and the other player is trying to get the 50% off meter full. And after the vet finishes you pay and you can leave and for the hotel workers you check in pets and care for their needs. And for the training you have to train other peoples pets.

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