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NeonSmiley : ) 01-23-2013 02:28 PM

Writing A Story
Writing A Story

Before Hand
To write a story, you need to be focused. Move all distractions away. This could be from the television to an object that you can see from the corner of your eye. If you have a spare room in your household, its best to use that too.

Then, you need your essentials. Grab a pen, pencil, a note pad or a piece of paper and maybe a ruler and sharpner. Divide your paper into 6 sections. The ideas, the plot, the characters, the build up, resolution and the ending. Title all of the boxes, circles or whatever you want. Do bullet points if you want, or go into straight, full sentences. Preparing is essential.

Get 4 items from your household and bring them into that room, laying them or leaning them on something, side by side, or in rows. They could be anything, a blue pen, a DSI, a statue and a photo. Look at each one carefully. From this, you could maybe think of a plot. Remember to concerntrate.

A person who likes the colour blue, has a DSI. She treasures her sparkly blue pen, and a photograph she took on her DSI when she was 5. She loves statues, and goes to galleries every weekend.

See? It is quite easy to pick some items out. They don't have to match, or be similar. In fact, it is better to pick random items, items you never really looked closly at before.

If you are still stuck, go outside and look at lots of things. Gaze at the roads, the sky, the vallies surrounding you, people, shops and places. This is a good way to think about plots, too.


What is going to happen to the characters? Make a plot which won't be resolved too easily. Make it long, but not too long because the reader might get bored.

First Person?

Are the characters going to be talking as though it is you, (I walked up to the path, I stroked the dog,)? Or is it going to be third person, (They, they'd)? You decide. I mostly use first person.

Are any of your characters going to be related? Sisters, mother, dad, brother, uncle, auntie, cousin? What middle names will they have? Do they have a name which is unique, or is it blended in with all the other names? Do they have a long name, or a short name? Are they bubbly or shy? Are they loud or quiet? What do they look like? If you need insparation, look around you if you are outside. If you are stuck on names, you could ask your family or friends. The characters are really important, because they are the things that grip you, that make you want to read more. If the characters don't make sense, the story won't either.

You may post, this is a work in progress everybody. :nod:

giagirl92 01-23-2013 02:35 PM

cool thread

Paddingtona 01-23-2013 04:21 PM

Awsome! Thank you! This will help me a lot=)

savanahcute25 01-23-2013 08:17 PM

Great guide! This is very helpful for someone who isn't the best at writing. :rolleyes:

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