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Chéri3 08-12-2013 02:04 AM

Entered a second VIB code before the first one expired?
Today I received a 12-month VIB code from a friend, but I already had a VIB in progress on Bearville with 32 days left until its expiration date. I decided to enter the 12-month VIB code today anyway, because I thought that I might lose the code or something in the future and that it would be better to enter now while I still have it. So I entered the 12-month VIB code thinking that the 12 months (365 days) of VIB time would be added to the 32 days left on the current VIB in progress, which means that I should have total of 397 days left as of today right? Nope. Instead, when I viewed the VIB section of my CyBearZone after entering the 12 months code, I saw that I only have 365 days left. They basically cancelled out the first VIB in progress and replaced it with the second VIB! I didn't get any notifications or warnings about this happening for entering a second VIB before the first VIB expired. I'm quite upset because I'm getting 32 days less - which is more than a month less - of VIB membearship than the length of time that the first code was purchased for. :(
Had this happened to anyone else? What should I do right now? Should I contact vwhelp, or request help by clicking the FAQs icon on the top left of the Bearville game screen? I would appreciate it if someone can help me out!

Spikefan2004 08-12-2013 04:58 PM

The same thing happened to me, but it happened about 9 months ago. I wonder if it would be too late for me to contact them about it.

mickeyquack 08-21-2013 12:48 PM

It should add the time to what you have left. I would contact vwhelp. You can do that by emailing from your email or by clicking on the FAQ from the game. :)

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