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Ben 04-09-2014 03:32 AM

What Would You Do With $10,000? Contest
Will be busy next week so I'm going to start this contest this week instead.


List 5 ways you would spend 10,000 dollars (USD).

You cannot donate it, invest it, or save it but everything else is fair game and be creative with your list!
Each thing that you list has to equal to or cost less than $10,000. All 5 things do not necessarily have to add up to $10,000 total but you can do that if you want.


FIRST: 40 000 BearBills (BB), bulldog hat & monocle, smile tee, dance star hoodie, sock monkey hat, striped denim top, bear head sneakers

SECOND: 30 000BB, rainbow socks, union jack shirt, giraffe hat, teacup ride chair, raincoat, big overstuffed comfy chair

THIRD: 20 000BB, rainbow dash shirt, green rain boots, shoe shaped couch, calico cat ears, friends tee

Participants: 10 000BB, random current bvo item (sorry you can’t pick and choose the bvo item)

Have fun :)
And if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Contest Ends: May 1, 2014

Bambooski 04-09-2014 07:34 AM

Cool contest! I would:

1. Buy all the rare build a bears I could get with $500 lol! ;)
2. Spend half the year in England with my relatives- and do a lot of really fun stuff that I've always wanted to do- I don't see them much and to spend so much time with them would be amazing- $3000
3. Get a nice viola I could learn to play, fix up my violin a bit (it's been through a lot xD) and get some sheet music for violin and piano- $3250
4. Get myself loooots of nice coins for my collection- I haven't worked on it for a while and I would like some nice new stuff to get me into it again, and this money would get me started with a lot of cool new areas of collecting- $2250
5. Get lots of nice new art supplies and try a lot of new stuff with fancy mediums- I love art but I don't really do it much and I don't have many supplies - $1000

GabriellaGirlsRock 04-09-2014 08:11 AM

Interesting, Hmm.. I would spend $10,000 on:

1) Visit my relatives in the Philippines & Italy ($4,500)
2) Buy a HUGE amount of build a bears + bear ville VIB ($1,000)
3) Buy a new puppy for my other dog to hang out with ($500)
4) Buy a stunt stand, I do competitive cheer & this basically helps us a lot with balance & stunts (expensive: around $500)
5) Decorate my room: including new bed sheet, new pillows, picture frames, paint, etc. ($2,500)
I would donate a lot of it and give a ton away because personally, I have everything I need but it said no donations so I just listed things for me. (:

Thanks for posting a new contest. They are very fun & It's very generous. :)

NeonSmiley : ) 04-09-2014 12:15 PM

Hi there! If I had ten thousand dollars, I would probably scream and jump up and down, lol! By the way I am roughly converting this but I'm probably wrong, from pounds. This is what I would do with ten thousand pounds. Then, I would do the following:

Go on holiday to Disneyworld! (I'm not sure how much this would cost, but I'm guessing a max of 6000 pounds)
Redecorate my room with different posters, shelves, bed, wallpaper (1000 pounds)
Buy an iMac the 27 inch one (I think it is around 1500 pounds).
Go on a day trip with my best friends to France and do lots of awesome stuff there like go to theme parks and eat out - £1000
Go on a shopping spree with my best buddies and eat somewhere - £500

Thanks for making this competition and like Gabriella said, you are so generous for giving these awesome prizes.

OrlandoKnight 04-10-2014 06:57 PM

Nice, creative contest. c:

Uhh with $10,000
-Spend maybe about $600 of it on clothing from my favorite stores (whoops c; )
-I would also love to redecorate my room as well and maybe spend $2,500? Idk how much it normally costs, but there's an estimate.
-Buy a husky or two if I could fit it into my limited amount of money heh
-Go on a trip in the Bahamas and Mexico (beachy side) with my family $6,400(?)
-An iPhone 5s and a new laptop

FayeTeddyBear 04-11-2014 07:08 AM

Ooh, awesome contest :coolsmiley:
I live in the UK so $10000 is actually only about £6000 haha.
I'd maybe change three quarters of it into pounds, so exchanging approximately $7500 into £4500, to spend it at home on:

- A new violin and bow maybe, I've been playing for almost 10 years and I've reached the highest level so it would be an idea to treat myself to a better quality instrument and some more sheet music maybe : D I could also spend the allocated amount on more lessons, and performing with the orchestras I'm part of - we have to pay for our own travel costs etc., for example, I'm going to Germany this summer on orchestra tour which my family had to pay for, for me c: (£1000)

- In the UK, university is really expensive and $10000 alone wouldn't even be able to cover the cost of one year, but it would help for sure xD I'm currently deciding between applying for a law or medicine university course (I'll be going to university in two years lol), the latter being a seven-year course, so you can see how quickly that would add up :P There's also the cost of living away from the family home to consider too D: Having said that, it's really important that we all apply for university - education is really important to me especially for having a good job and future.(£2500)

- Baking equipment and ingredients; baking is another of my hobbies and I enjoy baking not just for my family, but friends and bake sales as well, haha. It's great seeing smiles on people's faces whenever they taste any cake/cookie/pie really. I remember winning a competition on here for the best recipe ^-^ (£500)

- Maybe I would spend the rest on driving lessons; my parents don't want to teach me but if they're willing to pay for the car or I can use theirs, I'd want to chip in a bit of money for a driving instructor. I don't even know how much driving lessons cost, just that I don't have a job and it would be disrespectful to make my parents pay for everything haha (£500)

With the remaining $2500:
- I've only been to the USA once, to Disney World in Florida, and I would love to be able to visit the country again, but a different part because it's so big : DD The USA is a really diverse place with so much to see and do, and for someone who loves to travel, I'd jump at the opportunity to go again. I don't have a particular place in mind, but hopefully $2500 would cover at least the entry fee to Disneyland in California xD I've been to every Disneyland/World apart from that one :rolleyes:

Kay 04-11-2014 10:38 PM

what i would do with 10000.00

1- for 5000.00 i would love to go to the resort called Atlantis that is in the Bahamas it is a huge place that has a 63 acre waterscape with way cool rides i would ride all day and i would love to stay in that beautiful hotel, this would be a dream come true

2- for 2500.00 nothing would be more fun than to go on a shopping spree at the mall and buy anything i ever wanted, i would start at buildabear then go to the clothing and shoe stores then stop and have a great big lunch then go to Sephora for some make up, then Claires for some cool accessories and last go to Great American Cookies before home

3- for 1000.00 i have never had a ipad so i would get the ipad air with the wifi and cellular plan that has 128 GB! then i would stay up all night playing with it

4- for 500.00 i would have a big party with all my friends at a place like Dave and Busters so everyone could play games all day and we eat all the pizza and drink all the soda we want, even till we are sick

5- for last 1000.00 i have always dreamed of having a huge dollhouse with wooden floors and real working lights and real pictures on the wall and quilted bedspreads and ruffled curtains and braided rugs for the floor and pretty furniture and kitchen items with real wallpaper on the walls, this i would play with furever

Bambooski 04-12-2014 04:22 PM

Faye, you play violin too? ;D

ClaireBear8956 04-12-2014 06:03 PM

With $10,000 I would...

1. Travel to Africa to help children in Tanzania, build them houses. (That isn't really donating to charity, is it?)
2. Bring my mom to see her parents in Croatia, and while we are there, visit the beaches and ride down the nearby water slide that is SUPER tall.
3. Buy my little brother the new bike he wants, have "big sister" bike races with him.
4. Buy a lot of art supplies (and time) so that my dad and I can finally paint together
5. With leftover money, bring my bug family on a huge fun vacation so they can relax stress-free and so I could surf somewhere with bigger waves. Maybe Hawaii, I would buy an extra large suite so my family has room to get away from each other and actually enjoy themselves :D

HoneyBanana30 04-13-2014 03:44 AM

1. I would wonder for days on end why on Earth I won dollars if I live in the UK. XD
2. I would change all of it into GBP which is approximately £5670.00. That isn't much! >.<
3. I would buy my mum a KitchenAid mixer! XD She's wanted one for years and we have this REALLY old one which used to belong to her great grandma. -£500
4. Buy stuff. Stuff. XD To give as gifts for friends and family. Not much for me, though. :3 -£1000
5. Somehow make my mum's best friend better. She's really, really ill... -£3470

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