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katlyn4leafclover73 11-23-2014 01:24 AM

how to level up badges FAST&ESAY
this is my own view on the fastest ways to level up, if you know a quicker way please leave a
comment bellow telling us all how :)

ART - This is kinda of a cheat but go to the game bearific drummers and just click
any of the bear twice so that you get i wrong and then the score and bear bills thing will pop up and then just press play and repeat the process and for every time you do it you 10 points, within a 3 hours you should be on gold level of have already finished the badge!
if you don't have a bear and cannot play that game your next best bet would be to play the friendship forest photo safari game and just taking pictures of nothing

GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT - i found that play the game "words fur the birds" was the quickest way to level on this particular badge, i take a about a day and a lot of dedication lol, if you play on the hardest level its actually easier, just press the letters a,b,e,r,n,u,r,u,s, an then half the word should already be spelt so it pretty easy after that, it sound a bit complicated but after a while i become quite easy! i can finish 3-4 game in 1 minute! tip: most have the word(s) bear,hug,honey,
teddy,friendship.friend, for every game you play you get 5 points

FASHION - this is simpler to what i did for art, just go to the game "juggling fun" purposely press in the blue zone so the game ends and a pop up will say sorry try again press play and then
repeat this and in a couple a hour (about 3) you will have finished gold level!

COMMUNITY - there is no supper quick way for this badge but there is a kinda easy go to the game "bear
hugs" and play the first round the press the X botton and then a pop up will show press play again
and for every first level you pass you get 5 points, it should about 1 or 2 days to finish, tip play the fountain game and pawsome nature
walk every day for 25 points each! and bring a furry friend to life is 150!

RECREATION - this one is pretty easy, just play "gone fishing" or "deep sea fishing" and for every fish you catch is growth 5 points! i ushally catch about 5 fish a minute so it quite easy,also you can catch growth items that growth items that give you 5 points per one that you catch,takes about a day so fishing can acutally help both recreation and growth and development

DAILY TASK - very very sadly there is no quick or easy way to complete this badge :( witch *****

GARDENING - just help out everyone's garden your friends,people online just every one, and for every plant you help you get 5 points ! take a day

if you are planing to do ll you badges i recommend doing them in this order
growth and development
daily task

but that just me, you can do it as you please!

for more info on badges and there reward check out this post >< (is just another tread not a link to another web site) it helped me out a lot


RachelGirl192 11-27-2014 08:41 AM

I thought recreation is the hardest, because you only get 5 points and it took me AGES to get that batch.
Another good way to collect art points is the game where you listen to 3 different songs and you can switch the musicians on or off. I don't know the correct name now.

Sammiebffl 11-30-2014 09:05 PM

thank you so much. for me the art badge is the hardest before this knowledge. :)

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