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FruityPear 01-24-2015 09:23 PM

"You last visited: 09-13-2014" hoo boy

i started getting nostalgic about buildabear and everything again and firstly has like. anything in buildabearville changed since i was last here? at all??
if any of you were wondering what happened to me i literally. got bored and left. i thought i left earlier than september actually i remember it being like late spring but my memory is very bad

i forgot i had this account since 2012 honestly but there was that big break i had from 2012-2014 and then from 2012-now. my entire relationship with buildabear is completely disappearing for over a year every so often

mostly though i kinda wanted to catch up with old friends?? i dont think any of them were/are on bi unfortunately and i knew them back from about 2008-2010 but if any of you remember chloestuffedwithfun10 then you are in for A Ride i was such an annoying kid back then.. i just wanna know what happened to all the people i used to know but i honestly have no clue where i'll ever find them. its so weird
i remember like.. being friends with a girl called francis? frances? francine? i dunno. something like that. i dont remember her ever being on bi but she had an old buildabearville-based wordpress blog and if any of you remember that then i'd love to take a look at it again because i think a link to places i could get in touch with her again is on there

this is getting kinda long but when i start talking i Cannot Stop. and if any of you remember giannastuffedwithfun then god.holy moly. theres stuff on her wordpress blog from me in 2008/2009 and its SO embarrassing i was such a weird kid

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