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Ponygals 06-28-2016 11:10 PM

Too Much for the Bear?
When it comes down to it, the bear usually costs $25 if not a bit more, and then the outfit, shoes, voice boxes, etc. Cost extra, so don't you think paying $25 plus, in the $40-60 range, is a bit TOO much for a stuffed animal? Or do you think it is worth it?

I know I have 2 bears, one I got lucky with, and got for $4.00 at a swap meet, and the other I got on clearance for like $18 or 16 bucks I forgot how much haha. So I saved a bit on my bears with my finds.

But in general, I have always thought Build a Bear's bears of any kind and their outfits and all the other add-on's is a bit too much money. But what do you think?:2funny::D;D:eek:

CambriaSpeedRacer 06-28-2016 11:40 PM

The bear used to be about $15-$18, they upped their prices. It's a bit too much now.

VanessaMay18 06-29-2016 09:34 AM

I agree that BABW can be a little too pricey, especially as Meghan said since you can't bring them to live on Bearville anymore. The last time I went (last August), it cost over $40 to get the bear I wanted and an outfit to go with it, and that was with a sale going on! The prices definitely affect how much I buy at the store, I rarely buy things there because it is so expensive.

Ponygals 06-29-2016 01:45 PM

Yeah, it ***** with the pricing system they have set-up. But what can you do? You either dish out the money and not let it bother you, or not buy anything lol.

RachelGirl192 07-01-2016 05:46 PM

yes, they get more and more expensive and I find less cute bears now AND we can't bring them to life any longer... so bad deal now.

cassidy5 07-09-2016 03:07 PM

usually costs me about $40 for a bear and outfit at the store... bears are priced about right but the outfits are VERY expensive.

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