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SerenitySprinkles1 04-07-2017 03:55 PM

Bearville Petition Update
Please go to this link:

This link is a petition update. He emailed Build-A-Bear and they didn't legally own or have access to the files and programs that made up Build-A-Bearville. Please give him an email at if any of you have information on how to get it. If you support with more signatures, we'll have a better chance to get a Bearville Rewritten. I have heard that someone had pictures? That could possibly help! Keep hope alive Bearville fans :smitten:!

CambriaSpeedRacer 04-08-2017 10:43 AM

Frima Studio?

st2nic 04-20-2017 03:10 PM

babv den room
link allows one to decorate den room. is working old old babv. I do not know how the saving function worked before or now.
Mayor bearemy is available for a speech, but the web archive just says they have some rights and others may have more.

GraceAdventureBear64 04-21-2017 06:11 AM

It is the interactive files that they need to make a CPPS and the den room is not interactive so we can't use it.

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