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stellam7 05-13-2017 09:44 PM

Hi, so... I decided to make this quick account because I wanted to see if anybody was on here... I called Build a Bear Workshop, at my mall and i asked them if build a bearville would ever come back. They said "Let me call somebody and ask, can you hold for a couple minutes?" I said sure and waited. What ended up happening was some lady came on asking if i wanted to play BABV. These are her exact words, "Go to our build-a-bear website, go onto the games and play the games we have on there. We are currently working on things to keep updated with all the cool stuff." and said goodbye, then left. She got me so excited because I thought they somehow brought it back but... Guess not.

Wish there was some how a way we could bring it back... :'(:'(:'(

VanessaMay18 05-15-2017 07:11 PM

That stinks, the people shouldn't have gotten your hopes up like that. :(
There are still a few of us here, and we really miss BABV too!

st2nic 05-18-2017 07:28 PM

i miss bearville as well.
calling it bv alive still bothers me.
i laugh when babw sends me still interested emails on items i looked at at say $10 now priced $22. without the bv piece i am not at all interested.

Memory 06-05-2017 11:25 PM

I had a dream I was in bearville and thought "wait I thought it closed, but I guess it didn't. yay"

zoeysassy172 06-06-2017 08:37 PM

I miss BABV
I miss babv too. I grew up playing this game and finding out earlier this year that it was closed made me sad. I collected so many things in that game especially rare stuff. I'm 18 now and can't believe how time flies :( I will always remember my time on this game and this forum that literally help me gain so many virtual things. I will always has bearville in my heart. Moving on to post-secondary in the fall and hope some form of form like bearville comes back for future generations to enjoyc:

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