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cheetahc 05-17-2017 08:56 PM

Just a Thought...and Hello
Hello dear bearville insiders, Ive decided to log in today after two years or so, and ive been looking at the posts and how people miss babv, and so. Those where the good times, and I was sad to hear it go (i am pretty sure everyone might agree to that).

But i had a thought, and I would like for you all to hear me out.

After babv was shut down, i ve been motivated to create games, as in like similar to babv, but not really because, copyrights...however I was young those days, and it occurred to me what if I were to create a game sorta but not really like babv, i meanif i could due to time. So people can have fun, while we wait for babv to come back one day and stuff. Just a thought, since i am in the game design industry and it would be a fun project to do. Just a thought.

I dont know if this againt the rules for me to post, i hope not. It just occured to me.
What are your thoughts?

(If this is agaisnt the rules somehow, im sure ill understand why the post is deleted).

Thnak you, I'll like to hear your thoughts. Sorry for long post. :)

st2nic 05-18-2017 07:04 PM

i was wondering what features were most important to make game like bv.
worlize taught me the family friendly is what i want most from interactive with other players.
1 player and 2 players games have their place.
decorating rooms, making custom choices has longer term appeal to me.
is making items rare or hard to get better?
do avatars have to interact with the environment?
i keep figuring what parts would be good for movie scene/poster type game.
kong and wonder woman recreations ...

cheetahc 05-23-2017 10:59 PM

Well, the easiest part of making a game similar to babv, is the art. since its not s 3d game that requires 3D models, and assets.
The second part once, the character model is created, you have to make the animation for that character as the walk cycles, and any other animation. Plus, the different angles the character would be seen in camera. Shouldnt be hard ^_^ just a lot of time.
The hard part, would be making sure you put the right coding for each object the player would interact, or coding for the character model itself to move around. So coding/programming would be a bit hard if you dont know anything about that.

Also, If i were to make the game it would be family friendly, I laready have plans for much more teen and up games, whenever I start taking the courses for 3D modeling, ^_^ and yeah i havent thought Bout the items, since im kind of thinking of what the art style should be and blah blah

Memory 06-05-2017 11:45 PM

Hey! :) I'm a game designer too!

What game making engine do you use? I have experience with Unity but am taking a class on Unreal Engine in the fall. I should really learn Game Maker one day though.

I agree programming is the most difficult. Do you have any experience with it? I've only taken a course on C++ but Unity uses C# which is very similar to C++ so I've been picking up on that pretty quickly. It's tricky stuff though!

For art, I find 2D games are easiest to start with. I use Photoshop or sometimes Illustrator. It took me about 5 months to get the important basics of 3D modeling in Maya. I use Zbrush for sculpting and 3D Coat or Substance Painter for texturing.

Do you study game design in school or just for fun? One of my majors in college is Interactive Media and Game Design so I've made a few games. It's fun!

cheetahc 06-08-2017 07:44 AM

Sorry I respond late, lol.

This spring semester we were using the unreal engine. The professor said that during the fall semester we would be using unity. Uhm for programming, I really have no experience lol, i am hoping to touch on that when i start getting to that area. Learning online or from watching videos. 3D modeling i havent had a chance to take the course last fall semester. I'll probably be taking the courses for it soon, once i transferr to my new campus to continue my asssociates degree.

I only made a game, but with a group and i was just the artist for it. And making a map on unreal tournament for a final. But i am pretty motivated to learn in my own until I go back to school. Could of taken summer classes for game testing but they got full and I am moving so i wouldnt be sble to anyways.
I know how to use photoshop, adobe professional flash or animate cc, and illustrator. Due to the classes i had to take xD

But its nice to know theres someone else who has more experience than me xD

Although at the moment, I sm struggling to make a character base xD id probably use illustrator. Most of my charcater end up looking too grown up if ya know what i mean.
But it would be cool, if there were more game designers lol maybe we all could help create a game for this community, no? Lol that idea just came to my head. But i am going to focus on that in the meantime though

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