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CambriaSpeedRacer 08-05-2017 12:33 AM

My last trip to Build-a-Bear was when I took that picture I posted earlier in this thread. It wasn't a very comfortable experience, and that's all I'm going to say. Mainly because I blacked out later that day so most of my attention was focused on staying cool and not, y'know, sharing the tale. And also it was a few weeks ago.

bearvillebae 08-06-2017 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by MeghanMusicLuvr28 (Post 4194180)
I believe the ID number is also on a piece of paper they place inside your furry friend so that if it's ever lost and returned to a BABW store, they can check that and try to get them back to their owners.

I asked BABW. They don't do Find-A-Bear for new animals anymore unless you ask to add them, because people we're getting annoyed with having to put in their email, address, phone number, etc.


Originally Posted by st2nic (Post 4194178)
' I went back to the Workshop Today.... My Experiance'

thanks for sharing.

not the same experience as ours.

we did find the new Funko-Furry-N'-Fierce-Pop! at our local babw, plastic in the box with plenty of others on the bottom shelf facing away from the entrance.

did not have the furry one only the plastic. the clothes were sold separately in store, but not on the web site. the jacket in store did not have the bear's picture like the one on Hot Topic website that is to match clothes with babw. but Hot Topic had received no Furry-N'-Fierce clothing and did not even have the bear on display that had been received.
score - babw 0 - hot topic even less
the amusement park has a stuffing machine that I have never seen used.
have seen many many stuffed animals with happy families without its use.

then at clearance shopping at not babw, we found some babw clothes in boxes.
the pictures indicated very cheaply made clothes that we would not and did not buy. I have some high quality babw clothes, and this just about made me ill.
the mcdonald's happy meal animal (babw) free shirts were lovely in comparision.

I still have more affection for the babw on display on fences in memorials (seen many, unfortunately) than for the new ones in the store. I continue to check on the store, when i feel it is not overly expensive like the $5 bear last sept., but unwilling to pay $80 for the avenger collection on minis or even the $40 + for the
Guardians of the Galaxy mega minis.
the $0.50 unicorn(babw) from garage sale gets more attention at our house. keep thinking of having it restuffed since it is not as soft as should be.

long to (be in ) bv with enchanted pony or dragon.
Spoiler: show
from financial reports... We also believe that we will be able to generate revenue from the sale of products used exclusively on line in the virtual world space. Our research has shown that approximately one out of every three guests who complete our survey visit before visiting our store and that over 40% of all animals registered in our stores by the key demographic come online at the site, enhancing value for parents and engagement for kids. In 2008, we introduced virtual world products which are sold online and in our stores and in 2009 we expanded the offerings to include additional game cards as well as monthly and annual subscriptions to the site. Game cards can be used to buy exclusive virtual items, including rides, homes, furniture, clothing and accessories. Online subscriptions provide monthly credits and bonuses to members.

I'm sorry that you didn't have the same experiance as me. The only thing that's changed in our store is the furry friends, the Birth Certificates, some of the clothes, and the new store format.

One thing I forgot to say, when I went to my local store they we're having like a little special deal thing. If you bought $20 or more at BABW, you get two friendship bracelets, so I got them. On the back of them they say they were made January, 15th, 2001. Wow.

Very interesting about the financial information. I bet that percentage for sure changed when they slacked off on updating Bearville. Now there doing the same with Build-A-Bear Play, no new games, hardly any Bearville Alive Videos. Not that I care anyway, but all their focusing on is the Honey Girls.

BritneyBearHug791 08-07-2017 01:51 AM

i haven't bought anything from babw in years as i outgrew it, theres no more bv, and my mom was kinda skeptical of the business for some reason lol. but when i walked by the nearest babw at the mall it looks so much different and doesn't feel like home anymore. i did enter the store to check out what they had to offer nowadays and everything feels and looks cheaply made, especially the newer bears which aren't as cute as their older bears imo. the place was also dead and not lively like it used to be back then. it's pretty sad.

st2nic 08-07-2017 07:45 PM

did you see the hair for black widow and gamora(minis), as well as the gamora costume?

looks like felt cut with craft scissors, not professional quality work.

JovelynFunCub 08-09-2017 01:02 PM

I just wanted to say - I don't think that Build a Bear is doing that well. If you just look at the BAB stocks online, you can see that there's been an obvious dip. Their highest point was in January 2015 (when we all first found out that Bearville was closing!) and it's steadily been going down. Bad choice, BAB, bad choice...

Ashleighsinger4 08-10-2017 05:33 AM

yeah, it's definitely declining but I guess they should've expected that with their target population growing out of it. we don't have a build a bear workshop in New Zealand, so I can't really say if it's still somewhat popular.

CambriaSpeedRacer 08-10-2017 01:27 PM

For the Find-a-Bear ID System - My grandma sent me a triceratops a few months ago. I have yet to name it, as the last few trips were either spur of the moment or I forgot to take Tricey (and I never actually bought anything either way). Without the Find-a-Bear ID System (I was not annoyed with putting in my data) and with awful certificates, I'm not even gonna bother.

Just a silly tradition now.

bearvillebae 08-10-2017 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Ashleighsinger4 (Post 4194231)
yeah, it's definitely declining but I guess they should've expected that with their target population growing out of it. we don't have a build a bear workshop in New Zealand, so I can't really say if it's still somewhat popular.

I think that they are really trying to get younger children hooked to BABW instead of a wide-variety of ages. As for financials, they've had some bad moments but overall since she took over it's been getting better. In 2016, they kind of experianced a bit of a rough road, but not as bad as the one from 2008 to 2012.

The Pokemon animals seem to be making a lot of money!

I also wonder how Build-A-Bear At Sea (on Carnival Cruise Ships) is going.

Also, they don't play BABW oringinal music anymore. The only song they still use is ''Birthday Bear'' and they have that on a sound. Otherwise, they play songs like Who Says? By Selena Gomez, and What Makes Your Bueatiful. By One Direction.

I miss the old songs like Be Berrific, Teddy Bear Heart, It's Your Bear Day... those were the jam. I still listen to them on Youtube.

I have also been finding some old Craftshop or BE News videos and watching those...

st2nic 08-11-2017 01:52 PM

news story today about babw mall kiosk? stores.
i was not impressed by store or story.

SydneyPaw500 08-11-2017 05:50 PM

They really are aiming BABW towards younger kids. I got an email today saying they have now brought out shopkins teddies, and with any purchase of one you get a limited edition shopkin figure. Pretty good way to get younger kids to buy a bear just for a figure! In my opinion, they look like a normal cheaply made teddy (and really scary eyes) but with a shopkins logo on its paw…

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