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Eccadairius 11-09-2017 08:00 PM

I'm New here.
I am new here. I don't have any 'Build A Bear' Teddy Bears. But I have 8 Snuffles Teddy Bears made by Gund. Their names are as follows as I had obtained them: Brownie, Oreo, Caramel, Cookies, Cream (Cookies and Cream were ordered together and they are twins... one black and one white), Cupcake, Honey, and Peanut Brittle.

Brownie is the oldest. He is 37. He was made in 1980. I had him since 2004/2005.
Oreo is a Snuffles Panda Bear. I bought her last year.
Caramel is a Snuffles Tan Bear. I bought her last year.
Cookies is a Snuffles Black Bear. I bought him along with Cream last year.
Cupcake is a Pink Snuffles Bear. I bought her this year.
Honey is a Snuffles Tan Bear. I bought her this year. She is for a friend.
Peanut Brittle. She is the latest bear, I bought her on Friday. She's a Snuffles Peach Bear.

CambriaSpeedRacer 11-09-2017 09:08 PM

Welcome! The site's basically dead, but hopefully we can liven up a bit!

Eccadairius 11-10-2017 12:33 AM

Thanks. I will try to show pictures of my bears soon.

Hollybeary 11-11-2017 02:26 AM

Welcome to us Eccadairius!!! Can't wait to see the pictures of your bears. :)

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