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pandyma618 08-22-2009 11:05 PM

Special Guests vs. Impostors
We have seen several threads recently about impostors in BABV.

From the CyBearPals:

"In future, you can help us spread the word that real, genuine BABV special characters like Chloe, Mamabear, and Miguel only give out their gifts by the automatic insertion to your MyStuff. Remember that pop-up window you get that you have received a gift? :) "

So, if anyone ever says that they found a new special guest, and there is no pop-up window, it is an impostor.

Please do not post threads about it though, and please do not follow those people around BABV or be mean to them.

There is no need to report them unless they try to convince you that they are really special guests or try to get items from you based on that BABV name.

Thank you.

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