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CuddleCub11 11-21-2009 11:09 PM

What NOT to Post on Your Profile
Many new comers may not read the rules or know what isn't aloud to post on your profile. Well, here are all the things that you SHOULD NOT post on your profile or in your About Me section. (This is mainly Personal Info)

- Do not Post your Age. Do not post your age for others to see on Bearville Insider. This includes the year you were born. This is against the rules and dangerous.

- Do not Post your School. Don't post your school for everyone to see. This is dangerous for yourself, and against the rules.

- Do not Post your Grades. Don't post your grades. No one needs to know how smart you are. Just say "I'm good in school."

- Do Not Post your School Level. [Elementary, Middle, High School, etc.] This is dangerous and against the rules. When you post your school level, even if you didn't post your age, people could make a very close estimate of your real age.

- Do not Post your Home town, City, etc. Don't post your city. Only post your state or country, nothing else. Anything more specific is against the rules and dangerous.

- Do not Post Pictures of any Real Person under 18. Don't post pictures of real people under 18. This is unsafe, against the rules, and dangerous for the person in the photo.

- Do not Post Pictures of Yourself. Don't post pictures of yourself. This is unsafe for you and against the rules.

- Do not Post your [Full] [All real] name. Posting your entire name can be dangerous. Never EVER share your middle/last name, or your friends' names. This is dangerous to all.

- Do not Post your School's/Team's Mascot or Uniform. This can make it easier for someone to find you. It is also personal. This can be dangerous.

- Do not Post Personal Info about Your/Your Parents' Schedules. If you were to do this, then it may make it easy for someone to find you. Keep your/your parents' life [Ex: Your parents are gone from 3:00 until 6:00 on weekdays] secret. No one needs to know it.

- Do not Post Your Personal Appearance. [Hair color, Eye Color, Skin Color, etc.] Don't post your personal appearance. That could lead to bad things. It's dangerous to yourself.

- Do not Post Your Height/Weight. Nobody needs to know this. You can always just say, "I am tall", "I am short", and so on, but NEVER share the true/exact height/weight of yourself.


Remember to follow these guidelines!
Never post ANY personal information. Once you do, you have no control over who reads it or what people make of it. That's why it's ALWAYS important to stay safe on the internet.
Stay safe on people's profiles! ;)

JessBearHug 11-21-2009 11:22 PM

A work in progress. More to come.

Please do NOT post on this thread.

thomas05721 01-01-2010 10:25 AM

cool thanks

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