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Freya 06-11-2008 09:53 PM

Time Conversion Chart!
What time is the Party?!
Please note that Blog Time is North American Eastern Standard Time

Freya 06-11-2008 09:57 PM

I brought the Time Chart over. Click ---->HERE

colinpink 06-17-2008 06:33 PM

wow it helps me a lot thank you, Freya!!!

DaisyHappyHugs2 07-10-2008 04:06 PM

Thanks Freya

That really has cleared up a lot for me


Piealamode 07-16-2008 10:43 PM

Great idea!
This helps me alot so now if I decide to plan a party, I'll know which time is best! :D Thnx beary much for the info! :D

PrincessVirgo 07-17-2008 10:24 AM

thanks a lot freya
this will help me a lot for pawties and and setting time for my pawties

franpatches 07-20-2008 06:50 AM


Champ 07-29-2008 10:48 AM

Thank you so much :D

alexiagc1 08-30-2008 12:10 PM

i dont get it!!

Freya 08-30-2008 12:34 PM


Originally Posted by alexiagc1 (Post 60781)
i dont get it!!

If you live in California for example, which is Pacific Std Time, and someone posts that they are having a party at 7:00 pm EST, Eastern Std Time.........

then you look at the chart for 7:00 pm EST, Eastern Std Time and in the same row, look for your time.

So when it is 4:00 pm Pacific time (if that is where you live) you go to the party.

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 02:39 AM.

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