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Default READ here first - Directory of Answers

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Moves / Clothing / Furniture / Cub Condos / Beachfront Homes
Where Is the Bubble Gum Move From?-
Air Guitar Move-
Why Are We Aloud to Only Have Five Guests?-
Under Clothes?-
Why Do We Have “Underclothes” Now?-
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BABV Questions
Water Change?-
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The Traveling Market
Traveling Market Once a Day?-
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Fubulous Fun Fair
Will There Be New Furniture & Clothes for the Carnival?-
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Carnival? After Camp?-
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Camp Happy Hearts
Will CHH Disappear or Stay?-
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Scavenger Hunt
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BABW Store / Furry Friends
Will the Portuguese Water Dog Be Available in Canada?-
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Portuguese Water Dog Question-
When Is the Exact Date The Peace&Hugs Bear Will Retire?-
Soccer Teddy? What’s That?-
iCarly Bear: Real, or Rumor?-
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Work in Progress - More coming - Thanks Ashley. Jess