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Default UPDATED Team Play Rules and Sign-Up Sheet

OK, guys. It looks like some spideys have set up house in this section, so I'm going to try to clear the cobwebs and get some approved team plays going .

...Also, since I'm totally lame, I tend to forget about this section completely, so reporting your post to get something listed here/opened/closed might help.

Note: Since I also cannot get on every day, sometimes not even for a week or two at a time, please try to sign up really far in advance, or I might not get the chance to list you here.


**Team Plays**

**Standard Team Plays must last no more than a week.**

UPDATED: If you are on good behavior, which means you have gotten no moderator/admin notes for a full month, then you can apply for a team play of up to three weeks. The reason for the restriction is so you can show you are responsible for making a team play that follows the rules and reporting your thread (using the report thread button) to be locked when it's done.

Anyone may ask for a week-long team play to continue when it is over. However, if you have gotten a moderator note in between when it started and when it ended, you will have to wait a week and have no moderator notes to apply to get it reopened.

This thread is the sign-up sheet for hosting a Team Play event.

A Team Play is similar to a short-term Role Play, but most aspects of it take place in Build-a-Bearville.

Sign-up approval is first come, first served.

Please post your topic and the week you would like for your event, as well as 2 alternate weeks.

Preference will be given to those that haven't hosted an event yet.

Team Play threads may be posted 3 days before the event begins, but will be closed until noon when they begin.

Threads must include the start and end dates & times.

When you post your thread, please report the post to have it marked as approved, and report it again to have it closed when it is done.

**Things that go along with team plays**

These include things like restaurant, movie, and hotel reviews, travel agencies, listings of "medical professionals," schools, and summer camps.

They must also be approved. See the above section on Team Plays about approval.

They may be longer-term than team plays, but to limit the number of similar threads, they may not be exclusive.

In other words, there will be one thread for restaurant reviews where people apply to get their restaurants reviewed. There will
be one thread where people write the reviews and provide links to the Team Plays that they have reviewed, and so on for each type of review that people want to make.

If you would like to host a review/listing thread, please be responsible about keeping up with it, just as if you were hosting a Role Play thread!

**For all of the above**

Standard forum rules apply: no links off-site, no advertising except as a link in your signature, no trades, no gifts, no charging, no paying, no borrowing, no lending, no contests of any kind, no excluding anyone, no dating, etc.

No additional threads are permitted - no picture threads, reminder threads, no audition threads, no reminder thread, etc.

The purpose of limiting the team plays is so that there are few enough happening at the same time that all of them will be well-attended and enjoyed

**Below is a listing of upcoming team plays**

8/17/2011-8/19/2011: Abbie Hillsbear - Bearville Cabins

8/17/2011 - 9/7/2011
: Magic12 - Smurfette and Hello Kitty Hotel

8/17/2011-9/21/2011: harryadventurous216 - Smurfy Hotel

8/20/2011-8/31/2011: summersurf57 - Miss Summer's Boarding School Academy

9/2/2011-9/22/2011: harryadventurous216 - Bearville's Cool School

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