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View Post Originally Posted by BriniGirl
No offence...but I've never even heard about your Writing Challenge, so maybe they just started it out of the blue.

That's what makes people mad...I think.

When you use something, and someone comes up to you claiming they started it/it's theres/blah blah blah, the accused has no idea what they're talking about, because they never knew of it. So guys...great minds think alike.

And....a lot of the recent sig/avatar stuff that is being accused of copying...well, it's not. I've seen it on facebook, youtube, photobucket, it's everywhere, and others have thought of it before, during, and after you did...without even knowing you were/were going to.
Yes, that's what I'm trying to explain. If you aren't the person who originally drew it, photographed it, wrote it, or crafted it in some other way, you're not the copyright holder. There are very complex laws around derivative works (imitations of other things, like if I drew my own version of Mickey Mouse on paper) and parodies.

For example, derivative works are not fully the creations of the person who made them. They can only be counted as that person's intellectual property to the extent that they are different from the original.


1. A Miss Build-a-Bearville Pageant is based on Miss (insert location name here) such as Miss America, Miss France, and other national or regional Miss whatevers. If five people make Miss Build-a-Bearville pageants, they are likely to have arrived at the same idea by themselves.

2. The annual "50 Most Beautiful People" is posted in...err...whatever magazine does that (Time?) Three members of this site make "50 Most Beautiful Bears" or "[insert some number here] Most Beautiful Hairdos of Build-a-Bearville." They're imitating the magazine, not each other.

3. I go to the Bearywood Mall in Build-a-Bearville and I make a skirt that is pink with purple stars and a lavender paw belt. Someone else goes to the Bearywood Mall and makes a skirt that is almost exactly the same, because we both happen to like purple and pink clothing, and want skirts with stars and paw belts.

I run into this other person in the game, and both of us have characters wearing the same skirt. I can't say that she copied my skirt, because neither of us saw the other's until that moment.

4. I love Peter Gabriel music. Suppose that someone else on these forums also likes it.

Gabriel and his daughter come out with a new song, and we both hear it on the radio at different times in a week. Each of us makes a parody of this song and posts it to the forums. But neither of us read the other's parody before writing our own.