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Default Furtastic Fountain Items List

From the beginning of July 2008, Build-a-Bearville decided to open a whole new creation. The Furtastic Fountain located in the Town Square comes with many prizes and allows you to decorate your Cub Condo with some of the prettiest things or simply helps you with a trade. As months pass, the prizes have gotten even more creative and even coo-respond with the themes Build-a-Bearville has going.

Anyways, I truly hope it comes in handy for those who would like to update your Trading Thread or want to take a look at it.

I have attached pictures for a few of the months. Go to post #10 to see the picture of each Furtastic Fountain Prize in the beginning months, but I am thinking of linked the threads in the Front Page News so that way you can find the pictures there and I don't have to make the thread look all weird.


Bowling Pin Lamp

Carnival Poster
Inflatable Couch
Inflatable Fish
Inflatable Giraffe
Inflatable Pencil
Red Furry Hat
Head Bopper
Blue Visor
Flower Tote
Blue and purple polka dot tote
Candy Necklace
Bling Necklace
Slap Bracelet
Funny Glasses/Mask with glasses and a big hairy nose
Piggy Bank
Roller Coaster poster
Red inflatable Chair
Inflatable turtle
Inflatable Cat
Hot Dog Hat
Camouflage Bandanna
Black and white polka dot tote
Rainbow Bracelet
Gem Necklace
Rubber Chicken


Perdiot Pendent

Easter Island Statue
Monkey Statue
Walkie Talkie
Duck Web Feet
Napoleon Hat
Feathered Cap
Hall Pass
Library Card
Pencil Holder
Dog Bone
Picnic Basket

8 Twist Rug

8 Twist Baseball Helmet
8 Twist Neon Sign
8 Twist Lamp
8 Twist Necklace
8 Twist Shirt
8 Twist Pretzel
8 Twist Sculpture


Cat Ears

Coonskin Cap
Dog nose
Fake Mustache
Fright Wig
Sheriff Badge
Sherlock Holmes Hat
Martian Antenna
Sapphire Pendant
Wig With Curlers
Monsterfeet Slippers
Big Cartoon Gloves
Aster Painting
Maze Rug
Manhole Cover


Pumpkin Beanbag Chair

Mummy Tomb - sarcophogi
Autum Leaves Wreath
Green Monster Feet
Pumpkin Hat
Autumn Flag
Pumpkin Tie
Spider Rug
Gorilla Feet (orange toe nails)
Candy Corn Hat
Egyptian Head Dress
Pizza Hat
Calendula Painting


Fire Hydrant

Oven Mitt
Derby Hat
Mum Poster
Apple Hat
Aviator Hat
Vintage Lamp
Engineer Hat
Snow Shovel
Snowflake Pendent
Pumpkin Pie Slice
Milk Shack Mixer
Cirtrine Pendent
Box of Donuts
Model Airplane


Ice Couch

Ornament Display
Silver Bell
Stocking Cap
Ice Bear Sculpture
Holiday Bells
Snowman Cookie Jar
Kwanzaa Cap
Narcissus poster
Hot Chocolate
Blue Lamp
Heart-Shaped Ice Sculpture
Snow Poster
Ice Chair
Snowflake Hat
Blue Topaz Pendant.


Fedora Hat

Black Cat Hat
Bird Poster
Garnet Necklace
Captain's Hat
Travel Mug
Snow Shoes
Eye Chart
Ski Poster
Carnation poster
Chocolate cake slice,
Cozy Slippers,
Wooden Ship
Apricot poster


Heart Bag

Heart Head Band
Peace Head Band
Head Bandage
George Washington Wig
King of Hearts Poster
Queen of Hearts Poster
Violet Poster
Amethyst Pendent


Happy Birthday Sign

Modern Strip Cake
Party Strip Cake
Princess Strip Cake
Stripe Cake
Bear Head Birthday Hat
Camo Bandanna
Fright Wig
Tweed Hat
Corn Beef and Cabbage
Soda Bread
Sunflower Poster
Aquamarine Pendent
Irish Setter Painting


Earth Poster

Ball and Glove Poster
Rabbit Painting
Violet Painting
Fruit Basket
Garden Bear
Gardening Gloves
Sunflower Hat
Diamond Pendent
Giant Pretzel
Spring Flower Wreath
Fuzzy Crocs


Rainbow Sunglasses

Mariachi Guitar
Rainbow Wig
Aztec Vase
Rainbow Chair
Rainbow Rug
Painters Palette
Rainbow Purse
Emerald Pendent
Salamander Wall Hanging
Lily of the Valley Poster
Sun and Moon Wall Hanging
Rainbow Wall Painting


Rose Poster

Cheeseburger Hat
Palm Tree Hat
Pearl Pendent
Conch Shell
Ice Tea
Rocket Desk Lamp
S'more Treat
Alexandrite Pendent
Beach Rug
Beach Poster
Sunscreen Bottle
Toasted Marshmallow


Larkspur Poster
Waterfall Poster
Bow for your Head
Ruby Pendent
Camp Chair
Camp Cot
Camp Radio
Camp Lantern
Safety Helmet
Life Preserver
Life West
Mosquito Hat
Sun Hat


Paper Hat

Volcano Experiment
Alphabet Poster
Poppy Vase
Bus Stop Sign
Sea Serpent Sculpture
Peridot Bracelet
World Map Rug
School Bus Rug
School Lunch Tray
Sack Lunch


Big Glasses

Dog Nose
Fall Leaves Hat
Flower Sapphire Bracelet
Football Glasses
Football Hat
Math Book
Science Book
2 Dog Rug
Aster Plant
Dog Bone Rug
Dog Painting
Glass Bluebird
Leaf Chair
Round Dog Bone Rug


Black Cat Rug

Black Fright Rug
Clown Shoes
Clown Wig
Cosmos Bouqnet
Goblin Ears
Halloween Tree Painting
Inflatable Lawn Ghost
Kooky Spooky Wig
Milk Jug
Opal Bracelet
Purple Cat Rug
Spider Rug
Spider Hat
Trick or Treat Rug
Witch Glasses with Nose


Leaf Shirt

Topaz Bracelet
Camp Flap Hat
Lead Bag
Leaf Blower
Cornucopia Flag
Autumn Rug
Leaf Poster
Round Autumn Rug
Turkey Platter
Fall Leaves Poster
Turkey Leg
Pumpkin Rug
Chrysanthemum Bouquet
Pecan Pie


Merry Christmas Flag

Striped Mittens
Fuzzy Hat
Narcissus Bouquet
Turquoise Bracelet
Pine Tree Rug
Candy Cane Shoes
Hanukkah Poster
Snowman Bag
Candy Canes Hat
Snowflake Cap
Candle Hat
Joy Banner
Candy Cane
Stack of Presents.

January – 2010:

Tool Box
Hockey Trophy
Basketball Poster
Three Birds Poster
Potted Fern
Wall Clock
Cossack Hat
Doctors Mirror
Duck Rug
Doctors Bag
Pink Hat
Garnet Bracelet
Bubble Gum


Two Valentine’s Day Themed Hat
Heart Painting
Heart rug
Amethyst Bracelet
Canada Flag Tote
Maori headband
Tooth tee
Gazebo Bird Feeder
Mt. Rushmore Poster
Slice of Cherry Pie
Monarch Butterfly Poser
Bouquet of Irises


Flower Shoes
Flower Slippers
Flower Top Hat
Floral Knit Hat
Vintage Floral Hat
Flower Bench
Flower Stool
Flower Chair
Daisy Rug
Butterflies Rug
Aquamarine Bracelet
Daffodil Bouquet
Flower Fountain
Asian Flower Print
Still Life Flower Painting


Peacock Tiara
Diamond Bracelet
Daisy Bouquet
Medieval Banner
Medieval Poster
Nose Helmet
Golden Grown
Castle Poster
Spiked Dragon Hat
Swirled Tiara
Knight's Gauntlets
Knight's Helmet
Classic Dragon Hat
Dragon Banner


Parrot Picture
Beach Picture
Red & White Bucket Hat
Blue & White Bucket Hat
Race Car Topiary
Beach Comber Hat
Pirate Hat, Orange
Admirals Hat
Tiki Mask, Guitar


Flamingo Hat
Soccer Star Poster
Parrot Beak
Elephant Poster
Alexandrite Bracelet
Lion Poster
Vase of Roses
Soccer Trophy
Soccer Ball Rug
Giraffe Train*
Bear train*
Tiger Train*
Elephant train*

(* -collect all these items and earn a special gift)


Neon Ice Cream
Life Jacket
Ice Cream Cone Hat
Camp Cot
Roasted Marshmallow
Life Preserver
Ruby Bracelet
Camp Hat
~Bouquet of Flowers~
~Blue Plate~
~Picnic Basket~
~Picnic Cloth~

(~ - Collectible Picnic Set)


Peridot Necklace
Gladioli Seeds
Bus Stop Sign
Lunch Tray
School Desk & Chair
Wall Water Fountain
Peace Sign Wall Hanging
Peace sign Shaggy Carpet
Peace Sign Rug
~Climbing Wall~

(~ - Collectible
Interactive Playhouse for Cub Condo)


Sapphire Necklace
Big Glasses
Raccoon Hat
Soccer Ref's Hat
Fall Leaves Hat
Maze Rug
~Open Book~
~Chalkboard Stand~
~White Rug~ <
Correct Me if I'm wrong. The pictures were unclear and the name of this item wasn't written out.
~White Chair~ < Correct Me if I'm wrong. The pictures were unclear and the name of this item wasn't written out.

(~ - Collectible
Chalkboard Collection for Cub Condo)


Opal Pendent
Green Monster Arms
Gorilla Feet
Goblin Ears
High-tech Goggles
Green Monster Feet
Cosmos Flower Pot
Spider Rug
Inflatable Lawn Ghost
~Teddy Bear Left Ear~
~Teddy Bear Right Ear~
~Teddy Bear Face~
~Teddy Bear Nose~
~Teddy Bear Mouth~

(~ - Collectible
Teddy Bear Mask for Character Appearance)


Topaz Pendent
Chrysanthemum Flower Pot
Fall Leaves Headband
Camouflage Hat
Leaf Blower

Leaf Shirt
Cornucopia Flag
Turkey Leg Food
~Two Green Leaves~
~Gold Leaf~
~Orange Leaf~
~Brown Leaf~
~Yellow Leaf~

(~ - Collectible Leaf Pile Collection for Cub Condo)


Snowy Poster
Poinsettia Pot
Turquoise Necklace
Candy-Cane Headband
Candle Hat
Kwanzaa Cap
Long Stocking Cap
Snowman Bag
Candy Cane Shoes
Stack of Presents
~Snowman Cap~
~Snowman Head~
~Snowman Broom~
~Snowman Body~
~Snowman Scarf~

(~ - Collectible
Snowman Collection for Cub Condo)


Garnet Necklace
Vase of Carnations
Checkered Ear Muffs
Warm Winter Hat
Black Fedora
Goat Ornament Mittens
Doctor's Bag
Snow Shoes
Wooden Sled
~Poster with a 2 on it~
~Poster with a 0 on it~
~Poster with a 11 on it~
~Poster with a blue paw on it~
~Poster with a green vector on it~

(~ - Collectible 2011 Poster for Cub Condo)


Amethyst Necklace
Vase of Irises
George Washington Wig
Fuzzy Heart Hat
Cozy Slippers
Patterned Mittens
King of Hearts Poster
Queen of Hearts Poster
Modern Heart Sculpture
Heart Tile Rug
~A Gray Vase~
~A Red Flower~
~A Yellow Flower~
~A Pink Flower~
~A White Flower~

(~ - Collectible Rose Vase for Cub Condo)


Aquamarine Pendent
Flower Top Hat
Vintage Flower Hat
Irish Hat
Napoleon Hat
Alpine Hat
Camo Bandanna
Duck Feet
Still Life Flower Painting
Rose Poster
Daffodil Painting
Gazebo Bird Feeder
Flower Fountain
Flower Bench
Daisy Rug

April - 2011:
Diamond Pendent
Ball & Glove Poster
Baseball Poster
Wild Violets Poster
Gardening Gloves
Tackle Box
Daisy Bouquet
Topiary Couch

May - 2011:

December - 2011:

Holiday Tree Poster
Turquois Necklace
Snowman Bag
Long Stocking Cap
Kwanzaa Cap
Candle Hat
Happy Holiday Hat
Ice Cub Hat
Beary Happy Hat
Candy Can Headband
Penguin Ear Muffs
Peppermint Ear Muffs
Cool Sunglasses
Candy Can Shoes
Sled Bench

List made by AJCool. Please do not copy and paste on other Threads. Thank you!

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