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I'm sort of new and don't come on here much, and I had asked a moderater how someone becomes a trading teddy, or moderater, and i asked if upping your level depends on how many posts you have, or how much reputation you have, and then I read this post. I didn't know you weren't allowed to ask anything about reputation. Is it bad that I asked that? Will I get in trouble? I didnt ask if anyone would give me reputation though cuz I knew that was against the rules.
I dont think its bad that you asked if it was truly concerning becoming a TT or staff. It doesn't apply to either. I can tell you honestly, as one of the reviewers of TT applications and someone with a little bit of insight into the staffing process that we dont ever look at rep points. Why? As much as we want to prevent it, random rep is just going to happen. Friends are going to rep their friends more than anyone else. We have a very different view point of rep. It just doesn't mean much to any of us.