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Default DONOTPOSTYETWe sure are lucky! Join Ally and all her bears in a BEARY SPECTACULAR BLOG!!!

Hi, world!
Welcome to my new blog! Here goes, hope you like it!
Before we begin, here is a list of my Furry Friends names and their blog titles:
1.Fuzzball the girl Orange cat- The Purr-Fect blog
2. Pauline the girl bear- A Blog as Sweet as Cupcakes
3.Rosalinda the pink and orange girl bear- The Pretty One's Blog
4. Holly the girl moose- The Heroic tales of Holly
5.Mandy the (girl)Panda- Olympic Tales
6.Peace the (girl) Peace sign bear- Stuck in the Middle
7. Rex the boy T-Rex- ROAR! I'm a Dinosaur
8. Firestar the boy Sabertooth Tiger- Rockin' Aviator Shades
9. Witch the (girl) Purple Star cat- Magical Me
10.Crona the (erm...neither)Celebration Teddy- Let's Celebrate!
11.Babys and Baby Girl (a strawberry Cheescake Bear and Colorful Hearts Teddy) Being the Little Guys
The Purr-Fect Blog
Hi guys! If you don't know me yet, I'm Fuzzball! I am Ally's first BAB, and boy, is it hard work! I usually have to control my little siblings, but sometimes they are really nice! I hope you enjoyed meeting me! More later :-)

A Blog as Sweet as Cupcakes!
Anyone want a cupcake? Hi, I'm Pauline, or Polly! (My baby sisters call me Pollyanna after a book they like) I am Ally's 2nd BAB! I love baking sweets and goodies, and my favorite color is pink! Hope you liked meeting me!

The Pretty One's Blog
Hello, darlings! I am Rosalinda Tatiana Anastasia! You may call me Rosie, my name is a bit of a mouthful. I am Ally's 3rd BAB, and (in my opinion) the most beautiful! I have silky pink and orange fur and I enjoy giving myself and my siblings makeovers in my spare time!
Ta ta!
Rosalinda Tatiana Anastasia

Whoa! didn't see you guys there. I am Holly Moose AllHeart. I am the brave, heroic sibling. Rosalindy (In background: DON'T CALL ME THAT!) and I don't get along too well, but we still love each other. I hope you liked meeting me!

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