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View Post Originally Posted by chococat663
I think its really unnecessary.
Not everyone that comes to this site is going to want to have a mentor and it would probably turn people off from the site. New members on any site that rules that are actually enforced will probably end up breaking a few while they get used to the site. If someone breaks a rule or two while they are getting used to the site, i don't think its that big of a deal if its an honest mistake. It'll get pointed out and they'll learn.
There are so many rules on this site that aren't in the actual list of rules, so they probably will break one of two of them. Most of them aren't rules that someone would probably question whether or not its allowed. For example, i highly doubt that a new member would ask their 'mentor' is posting gifs/images with watermarks are allowed, thats just something that they would learn from reading the stickys. (On a side note: if all of these little rules that have been added on over time were clarified and added to the actual list of rules and not just stickyd at the top of a section, i think it wouldn't be ask much of a problem because all of the rules would be in one place and people wouldn't have to go on a scavenger hunt to find them.)
But really, its unnecessary and if new members just look over all of the rules, then they should be fine, and if they break one or two along the way, its not the end of the world.
Many newer members aren't familiar with the format of a forum, the User CP or how VMs work.
What you said about the rules- many newer members I've seen {not all, obviously} are repeatedly told about a rule and are eventually banned. Everyone breaks a few little rules here and there~I understand that. But sometimes they don't understand the message or just don't know what's going on, and end up getting into trouble because of it.