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Default ***How to get over 1,000 bearbills in just one day**

Hello everyone! I made a thread similar to this back then, so I decided to update it.
Here is how to earn over 1,000 bearbills in a day.

1 The first thing you need to do when you are online, is read the latest issue of the Bearville Times. Check to see if there are any quests or events going on where you could earn Bearbills, moves, or items.

2 Go to the Sportsplex. Inside there is a panda behind a desk. If you click on him, you can take the '100% Pawsome' test. If you check all of the boxes, you will receive 100 Bearbills.

3 Go to the Pawforming Arts Centre. Inside you will see a balcony. If you click on it you will find your self backstage. There is a box full of items. Click on it and you can play a game called Backstage Search, where you have to find a specific item. If you find it, you will get 200 Bearbills! If you can't find an item, just click the 'x' button to exit and play it again to find a different item.

4 Once a day you can do the 'Environmentally Pawsome Nature Walk' at the Pawsitively Green Centre. Click on the big recycling logo above the centre. You will have to search around Bearville to find 5 items. They are usually in the well-known places such as the Bear University, Sportsplex, Farm, Meadow and Friendship Forest Park. Some of the items are very well hidden though, so keep on a loom out! If you complete the walk you will earn 200 Bearbills.

5 In the Town Square you can play the Furtastic Fountain game once a day. If you hit at least one of the objects you will receive an item. You can keep the item you get or sell it!

6 Work shifts at the Bearywood Mall. You can work 3 shifts in each shop and each shift is worth at least 10 Bearbills if you don't make any mistakes. That means you can get around 120 Bearbills every day from Bearywood Mall!

8 Deposit the most money you can at the U.S. Bank.

9 Be a student or teacher at the Bear University. You can be a teacher once a day, but you can be a student as many times as you like, and both will earn you quite a lot of Bearbills if you answer the questions correctly! You can choose the difficulty of the questions by looking at which grade you are teaching or learning in. The easiest questions are in Kindergarten, the hardest are in Sixth Grade.

10 Go fishing to earn lots of Bearbills quickly! The best catch you can get at Paw Park is the Bag O' Bearbills, whereas the best you can get at the Lighthouse Beach is the Pearl.

11 Play the 'Lucky Oyster' Game. Go to the bottom of the map and you will see the 'Deep Sea Discovery' shipwreck. Near the bottom of the outside of the ship is an oyster. You can get a free item everyday or 250 bearville. It's your choice whether you sell or keep it!

12 Play games! There are loads of fun games you can play, but some are better for earning Bearbills than others!

16 Be 'Trade Smart'! Try to get the best deals possible from trading. If there is something you really want that you could buy in a shop, make sure you are NOT paying over the shop price for the item. Try to either balance the 'Fair' meter at the top or make it go to your side. However, if things are too unfair the person you are trading with may not accept your offer.

17 Do not spend your money. You should have a weekly spending allowance such as you're only allowed to spend 200 bearbills a week. Instead of spending, sell your unwanted items.

18 Find a cub condo with a carnival bell. Play the game and press the keys really fast and then if you get full power you will get your own carnival bell and then every day you can play your very own carnival bell and get 60 bear bills a day!

Do this everyday, and you are sure to have lots of Bearbills!