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Lightbulb Suggestions I sent to Maxine

I know I've mentioned some of 'em before, but I'll keep sending them until Maxine listens . . . some of 'em are really needed.

Dear Maxine,

I have been a member of Bearville since 2008, and have a few suggestions that would make Bearville even greater.

* Furry Friend wearables that have been designed with four-legged furry friends in mind -- many will look downright odd when worn by anything but a bipedal furry friend, and those owners would love to see something that properly suits their pet.

* For that matter, a store where we could buy clothes for our furry friends with bear bills instead of credits. Not as nice as the ones in BVO, of course, but an option for those who have trouble getting credits to dress their pets.

* Alternatively, the reverse of the option currently in Bearville Outfitters -- being able to trade 1,000 bb for one credit. Maybe even 5,000 bb if you want to keep them fairly exclusive.

* A cub condo event. I greatly enjoy decorating my cub condo, and I think it would be fun to have a week or a month dedicated to encouraging people to decorate theirs -- introduce new items, bring back retired furniture, maybe even the limited-release condo fronts (since before the new setup, people with rare condo fronts wouldn't want to buy a new one for fear of losing their old one forever) and the Snowglobe Room that was only available for one month in 2010.

* The option of long-term deposits in the bank. Being able to store away bear bills would teach users about saving their money, as keeping it in the bank tends to help cut down on impulse buying. Keep the current version, sure, but introduce a 'Super Saver' category for those who just want to tuck away bear bills for a rainy day.

* Partial credit for completing one item on the task list -- say, 25 points for each item and 25 points for completing all three, adding up to the same 100 points we get now. It's rather frustrating for anyone who finds a game on their list that they're really bad at, or a multiplayer game that they can't find anyone to play with no matter how they try. The option of at least making some progress on those days would encourage them to keep up with the task list badge.

* Changing up the target fish on the task list occasionally; it can take me over 9 bags of fish before I catch a swordfish, so having to get it every time can be frustrating.

* A building with the purpose of finding other people to trade with -- perhaps call it the 'Bear Exchange'. it can be frustrating to search for people interested in trading sometimes, and while the BABW in Bear Boulevard seems to serve this purpose, it's more for the high-end traders. Trading is by far the most popular activity in Bearville, and I can see such a feature being welcomed.

* The ability to train and level up furry friends -- there's not much we can really do with them now, beyond giving them baths, food, and naps when they ask for them, and training would give a real sense of achievement.

* More rides for our furry friends -- the rainbow ride was hard to obtain, since it relied on pure chance from AbbieBright's market, and I know more than a few people who'd love to get one for their pet.

Thank you for your time.