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Lightbulb Just a Thought...and Hello

Hello dear bearville insiders, Ive decided to log in today after two years or so, and ive been looking at the posts and how people miss babv, and so. Those where the good times, and I was sad to hear it go (i am pretty sure everyone might agree to that).

But i had a thought, and I would like for you all to hear me out.

After babv was shut down, i ve been motivated to create games, as in like similar to babv, but not really because, copyrights...however I was young those days, and it occurred to me what if I were to create a game sorta but not really like babv, i meanif i could due to time. So people can have fun, while we wait for babv to come back one day and stuff. Just a thought, since i am in the game design industry and it would be a fun project to do. Just a thought.

I dont know if this againt the rules for me to post, i hope not. It just occured to me.
What are your thoughts?

(If this is agaisnt the rules somehow, im sure ill understand why the post is deleted).

Thnak you, I'll like to hear your thoughts. Sorry for long post.