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Sorry I respond late, lol.

This spring semester we were using the unreal engine. The professor said that during the fall semester we would be using unity. Uhm for programming, I really have no experience lol, i am hoping to touch on that when i start getting to that area. Learning online or from watching videos. 3D modeling i havent had a chance to take the course last fall semester. I'll probably be taking the courses for it soon, once i transferr to my new campus to continue my asssociates degree.

I only made a game, but with a group and i was just the artist for it. And making a map on unreal tournament for a final. But i am pretty motivated to learn in my own until I go back to school. Could of taken summer classes for game testing but they got full and I am moving so i wouldnt be sble to anyways.
I know how to use photoshop, adobe professional flash or animate cc, and illustrator. Due to the classes i had to take xD

But its nice to know theres someone else who has more experience than me xD

Although at the moment, I sm struggling to make a character base xD id probably use illustrator. Most of my charcater end up looking too grown up if ya know what i mean.
But it would be cool, if there were more game designers lol maybe we all could help create a game for this community, no? Lol that idea just came to my head. But i am going to focus on that in the meantime though