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View Post Originally Posted by CambriaSpeedRacer
It's not the company I know and love anymore.
Yeah, it sure has changed a lot.Most of the bears are branded now, the new discovery stores, play section, and new party packages are just to name a few. A lot of people don't like those.

The last time I went to BABW was last August, because they had opened a new location at a mall closer to me. It wasn't very busy, however that could be that it was a smaller store, and newer. I was greeted by a staff member who took you through the whole process (which seemed a little wierd to me). The stuffing machines are in the middle of the store, and everything is kind of all over. They also removed ''Fluff Me'' which I was really sad about, and replaced it with a picture taking place. New Birth Certificates & Computers, and New Cub Condos.

I hadn't gone since BV shut down before that.
I got Chewbacca and a Basic Bear (White one, they look different now).

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