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Exclamation *Repost from Challenge Thread* Mysterious Man from the Woods

Suddenly, from behind the trees of the forest, a mysterious figure emerges and intrudes upon the Camp Happy Heart festivities. All the campers feel an inexplicable urge to gather around this recluse of a man. He then speaks in a voice just loud enough for all the campers to hear.

I have been watching you complete your challenges from afar. I am proud of you for keeping the Camp Happy Heart tradition alive even though you cannot meet at Waterfall Lake, the woods where you would normally gather together.

I want you to have this chapter of a book I have been saving for the right people. You are those persons.
The chapter of the book he refers to is found at the following link:

Please, campers, read this chapter. For 80 points per paragraph for your team, write at least a three paragraph summary of this chapter. Tell what main point the author was telling his readers. Explain how this main point was executed well at Build-a-Bearville. Compare and contrast it with one of the other websites the author mentioned or another one you have experienced.

Please, do this for your team, for remembering the fun you had at Waterfall Lake and the surrounding lands, and for the honor of Build-a-Bearville.
With that, the campers each receive the chapter of the book he referenced. Then, just as suddenly as a thunder clap, he disappears. He is not seen again for the rest of the camp. The campers think he is part of an elaborate scheme set up by the camp counselors, but the counselors never knew of him before this encounter. If they knew, they could prepare for the piles of posts the campers would write.