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Cool Fireworks quest is BACK!!!

Click on the Patriotic Pups by the fountain in the Friendship Forest Park to go on a quest to find fireworks!
This same quest appeared in BABV a couple weeks ago, but it appears to me that that was just a glitch because it disappeared fairly quickly. From what I've heard of the "glitch version", you had to click on the fountain to get the quest going. Now both the Patriotic Pups are there! They are beary adorable It also appears that the prize move is the same as before. I'm beary excited that it's back because I missed it the first time!


If you want to know where they are:

Spoiler: show
Fireworks are in:
Sunshine Shores (hard to find, it's hidden in the top left corner)
Paw Park

When you are finished, you get a pawsome Salute move!!!

(I really wanted to post pictures, but for some reason it won't let me post attachments...?)

My guess is that this quest is for D-day, Memorial Day, or something along those lines. Flag Day is also coming up, too!

Have fun!!!

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